About Us


We are Niall & Laura and we created Sleepy Guru to share the knowledge and wisdom we gained when researching beds and mattresses.

For 3 years we shared a fairly firm entry-level sprung mattress. Laura has had problems with her back, sometimes so bad she was unable to get out of bed and I actually had to help her get up!

We didn’t consider for a long time that the mattress could actually be the cause of the problem, Laura had bad lower back pain and I was always feeling aches and pains in my back too – but nothing as severe as Laura experienced.

After making trips to doctors and the osteopath for temporary fixes, we made the decision to invest in a new mattress.

We tried out countless mattresses and after lying down and getting a feel for more than we care to count, we came to a realisation and made a great decision that had long-term benefits for both of us.

We invested in what many would consider to be an “expensive Tempur Mattress” – this turned out to be one of the best investments we could have made!
Yes it was pricey, but the benefits and comfort we both now experience far outweigh the cost.


Sleepy Guru

We decided to create this website as we know of so many people who sleep on a cheap mattress that is totally wrong for their needs. We have many friends and family that have bad backs that have listened to our advice and are now enjoying back-pain-free lives!

We spend a third of our lives lying on a mattress. On top of that, the quality of sleep we get determines the quality of our daily existence.

Why would anyone invest in a sub-par “make do” mattress when it is such an important purchase? When most people see a mattress that costs around £1000 they quickly recoil and dismiss it as a viable purchase – but when deciding what car to buy, they don’t have the same reaction.

We want to share the knowledge we gained and give advice to others on buying a mattress thats right for them that will see them have a wonderful nights sleep!

We hope you enjoy Sleepy Guru and feel free to contact us or leave a comment on our blog posts!