Are Beds a Standard Size or Length

Sometimes the most complicated part of buying a bed is working out what size you have.

 Just to make things even more tricky, beds are sized differently depending on where you are in the world and a king size means something different in every country. If you do have a frame in a European or non-UK size, it can be difficult to find a mattress that fits.

We’re here to help you get your head around all the different size options and figure out what bed size is best for you.

UK standard sizes

In the UK, mattresses follow a standard size and beds can be bought from most manufacturers in the following sizes: small single, single, small double (also known as queen), double, king, or super king. 

Whilst mattresses and divan bases will follow these sizes exactly, bed frames are often a little bit wider and longer due to the extra edge of the frame that the mattress sits in.

See our guide below for UK standard sizes:

Small Single2’6” (75cm)6’3” (190 cm)
Single3’0” (90cm)6’3” (190 cm)
Small Double (Queen)4’0” (120cm)6’3” (190 cm)
Double4’6” (135cm)6’3” (190 cm)  
King5’0” (150cm)6’6” (200 cm)
Super King6’0” (180cm)6’6” (200 cm)  

European standard sizes

If you have measured your bed and have found that it’s quite a bit longer than the standard UK size, this may be because you have a European size.

European sizes are similar to UK sizes, except they are slightly longer and sometimes wider than UK sizes. IKEA frames are often sold in European sizes and many mattress manufacturers such as Tempur now offer their mattresses in European standard sizes as well as UK sizes.

Take a look at our guide to see full details about European sizes:

Euro Single3′ (90cm)6’6″ (200cm)  
Euro Double4’9 (140cm)6’6″ (200cm)
Euro King5’3 (160cm)6’6″ (200cm)  

US standard sizes

The US also do their sizes a little bit differently to the UK and their king size beds are 13cm wider than the UK king!

Most UK houses are far too small to accommodate to the lavish and large US lifestyle, but if you are lucky enough to have an extra-large bedroom and wide entryway and stairwell, then you may have the option to opt for an ambitious US size.

See our guide for full details of US standard sizes:

Crib27.25” (69.2cm)51″ (129.5cm)
Small Single30″ (76.2cm)75″ (190.5cm)
Twin   38″ (96.5cm)75″ (190.5cm)  
Full     54″ (134.5cm)75″ (190.5cm)  
Queen60″ (152cm)80″ (203.5cm)  
Olympic Queen                      66″ (167cm)80″ (203.5cm)  
King    76″ (193cm)80″ (203.5cm)  
California King72″ (183cm)84″ (213.5cm)  

Should I stick with UK sizes?

If you’re buying a new bed and you live in the UK, then it’s best to keep to UK standard sizes as most UK manufacturers make beds in these sizes so you won’t have any problems when replacing your frame or mattress in the future.

If you are tall and you find your legs dangling off the edge of the bed in the night, then it’s worth considering European sizes as an alternative.

Whilst not all UK manufacturers make beds in European sizes, they are more common in the UK than US sizes and many popular bed brands like Tempur and Dormeo accommodate to European sizes.

What UK bed size is best?

UK small singles will make a great first bed for a toddler who has grown too big for their cot, whilst single sizes are ideal for kids and should last them up to their teenage years.

If you have a fast-growing teen and would like to a bigger bed without taking up all their bedroom space, then consider a small double with ottoman storage underneath as a great space-saver.

Doubles are great for adults and couples but if the kids or the dogs are hogging the bed during the night then you should see if you can fit a king size.

If you have lots of space in the room then why not treat yourself to a luxurious super king bed?  


  • Always measure up the entryway and stairwell into the bedroom as well as the bedroom itself, especially if you are buying a super king.
  • If a super king will fit into the bedroom but not the stairwell, then consider alternative brands like Simba and Emma which come vacuum-packed for hassle-free delivery.
  • If you want a bigger bed but don’t want to sacrifice space, then consider a divan bed that is flush with the mattress and takes up less room. A divan will always be the exact same size as the mattress.
  • If you are buying a bed frame, then remember that the frame will be a couple of inches wider than the mattress. So, if the frame you are looking at is 145cm by 203cm, then this means it is a double size.
  • To check the size of your frame, try measuring the inside of the frame itself, instead of all the way up to the edge. This will give you a more precise idea of what mattress it fits inside the frame.

We hope you found this helpful! Now you’ve figured out what size you need, why not check out some of our other guides on bed buying?