Are Dormeo Mattresses Any Good

Founded in 2002, Dormeo set itself apart from its peers as an Italian-made mattress company based in the UK.

When I first heard about “Dormeo” I thought people were talking about lasagne, but over the years, Dormeo have become a flagship company for roll-up mattresses.

With nationwide sales in over 40 countries and 15-years of experience behind their belts—what do we know about one of Europe’s most trusted bed brands?

Design and Qualities

With startlingly low prices starting at £120 for a Dormeo Options Spring double mattress and prices going all the way up to £2000 for the Octaspring 3 Layer Memory Foam double mattress, Dormeo has made it their personal ambition to “make mattresses for everybody, every bedroom, and every budget.”

Their mattresses come in all UK sizes: single, small double, double, king, and super king as well as European king.

Dormeo accommodate to every kind of customer by selling a range of different mattress options:

  • Memory Foam – vacuum-sealed mattresses made from breathable Ecocell® foam which contours to the body and offers long-lasting support. Dormeo S Plus Evolution wasWhich Best Buy Winner November 2020 and Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress was featured in Real Homes magazine.
  • Latex – Hybrid type mattresses combining layers of latex and Octaspring® memory foam spring layers offering zoned support in the areas you need it most.
  • Pocket Springs – Traditional style mattress with 700-1200 pocket springs and hybrid options with an added layer of breathable Ecocell® foam to contour around your body.
  • Octaspring – Using Octasmart® technology this patented spring design is a premium mattress in the Dormeo range. This hybrid range combines memory foam, pocket springs, and Octaspring® to give enhanced support whilst being breathable. Octaspring® memory foam and firmer springs are zoned in the mattress to provide better support in the heavier parts of your body such as head, shoulders, and hips.
Dormeo Octaspring Mattress

What is Octaspring® technology?

Octaspring® is the patented revolutionary technology that sets Dormeo apart from other manufacturers.

This spring system is unlike any other, combining the comfort of memory foam with the responsiveness of a spring.

 The eight-sided foam springs are placed independently throughout the mattress, similarly to the traditional pocket spring.

They move 3-dimensionally and use smart zoning throughout the mattress and adapt to your individual body weight.

Because the foam springs are made with an open-cell structure they are 8x more breathable than traditional memory foam and 3°C cooler, giving it a big advantage over regular foam which can be a big issue for hot sleepers.

Octaspring® has been used in aerospace technology and other comfort-driven products.

Value for Money?

Dormeo may not be the best brand of mattresses out there, but they offer great value at a low cost, particularly their budget mattresses. (Click here to see their budge range on Amazon)

They have a 4.6/5 score on Trustpilot and have been featured by big names such as Elle, The Independent, and ITVB.

“Our passion and commitment is that everybody should sleep on the very best mattress they can afford, and dealing directly with you helps us achieve just that.”

Because Dormeo cut out the middleman and deals directly with their customers, they are able to keep their prices as low as possible.

Dormeo Options Pocket Sprung – a lot of mattress for your money.

For example, their Dormeo Options Pocket Sprung Mattress is currently priced at less than £200 for a king size. With nearly 800 pocket springs, this is great value for money and it’s hard to believe they can make any profit on such a low price!

They also offer free delivery on all of their mattresses and can arrange to have your old mattress taken away at no extra cost (this would normally cost around £35-50 anywhere else!)

Their higher-end products such as their Octasmart Hybrid Mattress also comes with a free mattress protector, duvet, and 2 free pillows valued at a combined price of nearly £130!

When you buy a new mattress, most people normally want to replace the pillows, duvet, and everything else so getting freebies like this is definitely worthwhile!

60-night comfort guarantee

Dormeo offers a 60-night comfort trial on most of their mattresses, although this does not apply to their options range or clearance items.

As a company with a mainly online market, this is a big selling point particularly for those who want to try before they buy!

This safety net gives you 60 nights to sleep on your new Dormeo mattress before deciding if it is right for you.

Unlike some other retailers that offer an exchange-only policy, Dormeo are confident enough to give you a full refund if you decide this isn’t your dream mattress.

You also have the choice to exchange for another one of their mattresses if you like the feel but needed a firmer/softer option.

On top of this, they let you keep your free pillows regardless of if you choose to refund or exchange!

20-year guarantee?

As well as a 60-night comfort trial, Dormeo also advertises a 20-year guarantee on a select few of their mattresses.

However, it’s important to note that this is a limited warranty on their Octaspring® range only. They also offer an 18-year limited guarantee on their Octasmart range and a 15-year limited guarantee on their Dormeo memory range.

So, what’s the catch?

Unlike other well-known brands such as Sealy, Tempur, and Hypnos that offer a full guarantee of 10-years, the Dormeo guarantee works a little differently.

As their guarantee is limited, you are only fully covered for up to five years and in year 6 the guarantee is reduced by 25%. This warranty is further reduced with every passing year and in year 20 it is reduced by 99% – which isn’t much of a guarantee at all!

We recommend always checking the warranty before making a purchase of any mattress and ensuring you fully understand the promises being made.

Who are Dormeo for?

Whilst Dormeo has a variety of different mattresses to choose from and pledge themselves as a company for everyone, there are some people who will be more suited to this Italian-made brand than others.

For those who are looking for a memory foam mattress but are worried about getting hot during the night, then Dormeo’s latex or Octaspring range is worth looking at! 

Since latex is a naturally cool material with the same supportive feel as memory foam, this would be a good choice for those who are prone to heating up during the night. Their Octaspring system is an innovative feature of the Dormeo range and I can see why they have sold so well in the last 15 years.

Many people also recommend the Dormeo S Plus for couples and bed sharers due to the mattress’s ability to flip as well as rotate.

A memory foam mattress that can rotate AND flip is definitely something almost unheard of in the memory foam world!

The mattress has two Ecocell® foam densities with a softer side targeting side sleepers and a firmer side suited for back or front sleepers.

When I worked in a bed retailer, this mattress would have been a lifesaver when assisting a particularly fussy couple with completely different firmness preferences!

Some of Dormeo’s mattresses are fairly slim, making them ideal for cabin and bunk beds for kids!

If you are more interested in their pricier Octaspring range, but are strapped for cash, then Dormeo also offers a finance option through their website with the option to buy now and pay later, or monthly interest-free credit instalments.

Who would they not be for?

If buying online isn’t really your thing (particularly when it comes to bed buying) then Dormeo may not be the brand for you.

Dormeo sell most of their products online and although they have started appearing in some retailers across the country (a select few of Next stores and Land of Beds, amongst others) you may still have a hard time finding a stockist in your area. You can always check their website to find the nearest available stores with Dormeo products.

If you are desperate for a new bed, we would urge you to consider sleep companies like Dormeo who offer sleep trials, particularly during these uncertain times when looking around a shop may not be an option!

If you are in a rush and are looking into roll-up mattresses because you need it fast, then Dormeo is probably not going to be what you are looking for.

Although this is a UK-based company, their mattresses are manufactured in Italy, so you may find that they don’t deliver as quickly as some alternatives such as Simba and Emma.

Dormeo delivery dates range from 2 weeks to a month, whilst other UK-manufactured mattresses that come vacuum-packed generally take less than a week for delivery.

However, 2 weeks is about average for a regular mattress, so if time isn’t an issue then this shouldn’t be a problem!


Dormeo is a versatile brand with so many different mattresses to choose from that we’re sure they will have something for you!

Their budget mattresses are great value for money and their 60-night comfort trial gives you 2-months to decide if you like the mattress or your money back.

Whilst their mattresses may not last you 20 years, their innovative Octaspring system is unique and innovative, creating a revolutionary mattress that makes it stand out from other memory foam brands.