Are Eve Mattresses Any Good

Founded in 2015, Eve helped influence the trend for affordable memory foam mattresses that could be delivered fast and fuss-free and came with generous sleep trials.

This UK-based brand went through 70,000 prototypes before coming up with a final product and is now one of the most popular online bed brands.

And they don’t just make mattresses.

In fact, Eve sell a whole range of sleep products from bed frames to sheets and pillows and even sleep aids and tablet rests for when you want to Netflix and Chill in bed.

And then there were 6

 Unlike many other similar brands like Simba and Emma, Eve doesn’t advertise a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and emphasizes that everybody needs options when it comes down to buying a new mattress.  

Eve understands that everybody has different ideas about what feels comfortable, and we can’t all be put into the same box. 

After years of developing their first product, Eve now offers 6 different mattresses all made from memory foam and with additional hybrid options.

All 6 of these mattresses come in a medium-firm and since medium-firm is the most popular mattress tension, we can see why these beds sell like hotcakes.

However, if you prefer a very soft or very firm mattress, then even with a choice of 6, you may find that none of these are suitable.

So, what’s so special about the magic 6 you ask?

Designs and Qualities

All Eve mattresses are available in UK sizes from single, double, king, and super-king. They are made with quality breathable memory foam and come vacuum sealed, which makes them ideal for tight entryways and loft rooms.

All of their mattresses feature CertiPUR® foam and their covers are Oekotex certified, which means they aren’t made with harmful chemicals like some other foam brands.

Each mattress has unique specifications to suit your individual needs:

  • The Premium HybridStarting at the top with the most advanced of the 6, the Premium Hybrid has a lot to offer. Layered with an anti-slip base, 1500 full-size pocket springs for extra support and breathability, a firmer support layer, a soft memory foam layer infused with graphite for cooling, a floatfoam® layer which absorbs pressure and a washable top cover woven with silver which has antibacterial and antimicrobial technology. Currently at the top end of your budget with prices for a double starting at £978.
Eve Premium Mattress
  • The PremiumThe premium is pretty much the same as the hybrid without the pocket springs and includes the anti-slip base at the bottom, a support layer with firmer foam, memory foam infused with graphite, a floatfoam® layer with active cooling technology, and the same washable top cover woven with silver. The Premium retails at £948 for a double size, just £30 less than the Premium Hybrid, so we’d recommend spending that extra bit more if you are looking for the most support.
  • The Original Hybrid – The Original Hybrid does things a little bit differently from the Premium Hybrid but is still a great choice for those who want a combination of support and comfort. Instead of an anti-slip base, this mattress begins with a polyester side and base cover to help the mattress breathe, 3.5cm of support foam, 800 full-sized pocket springs, a support layer to prevent that ‘rolling off’ feel, a soft memory foam layer, an evecomfort® layer instead of floatfoam® which has a springier feel, and a moisture-wicking top cover. The current price for a double mattress is just under £800.
  • The OriginalThe Original is true to its namesake and is a unique mattress with many differences from The Original Hybrid. This mattress has a similar anti-slip base to The Premium, a dense base layer of foam which has been designed with zoned support to relieve pressure from your hips and shoulders, a soft memory foam layer, a springy evecomfort® foam layer, and the same top cover as you see in the Original Hybrid. Priced currently at just over £400 for a double.
  • The Lighter HybridThe Lighter Hybrid is the most basic hybrid Eve mattress available. The make-up of this mattress includes a polyester fabric cover, 650 pocket springs which are slightly smaller than the other hybrid options at just 9cm, a protective foam casing to prevent roll-off, an evecomfort® foam layer, and a moisture-wicking top cover. Priced the same as The Original for a double just over £400.
  • The Lighter – The Lighter is the most basic of the Eve mattresses and contains just a supportive base layer with designated contour zones, the springy foam evecomfort® layer, and the same top cover as the hybrid. Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles to be comfortable and this sweet and simple mattress is priced at under £500 for a double.

100-Night Trial

Eve offers a 100-night trial which begins on the day your mattress gets delivered.

They recommend giving your new mattress at least 30 days before you decide if it’s right for you, which makes sense since it takes around a month to adjust to a new mattress.

If within the 100-nights, you decide you’re not getting on with your Eve mattress then you just need to fill out a form and the Eve team will come and pick it up.

You don’t have to worry about the condition of your mattress as the mattress will be recycled, refurbished, or donated to charity.

Once your mattress has been sent back you will receive a full refund. 

How long will my Eve mattress last?

If you love your Eve mattress then great—you should get a minimum of 10-years out of it and if within that time frame you find any manufacturing defects (stitching coming apart, indentation, etc) then you will be fully covered by the warranty.

Your faulty Eve mattress will either be repaired or replaced with a brand new one.

Even Eve pillows come with a 14-day trial and 3-year warranty, so you can sleep with peace of mind!  

What makes Eve different?

You may be thinking, I’ve heard this all before, hybrid mattresses with 100-night trials and 10-year guarantees—they’re everywhere these days, right?

So, let’s break down what makes Eve stand out from competitors.

Firstly, Eve is one of the few hybrid brands that offers as many as 6 mattresses, whilst other brands such as Simba and Emma believe they can create one (or two) mattresses for everyone, Eve understands that this is simply not possible, and people need more options when it comes to their sleep.

Eve also uses full-size pocket springs in their mattresses which gives them an edge when compared to Simba, who only use mini pocket springs that have much less support.

They’re also one of the few online brands that offer a recycling service with their mattresses, meaning you can get your old mattress removed and recycled at the competitive price of just £40.

Eve also sells a whole range of other products including pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, cot mattresses, as well as bamboo and cotton sheets, which have great moisture-wicking properties—an important thing to consider when buying a memory foam mattress as memory foam retains heat.  

Which Eve mattress is best?

If you are looking for a mattress that offers the most support and comfort, then the Premium Hybrid is by far the best option.

Although this multi-layered mattress is the most expensive of the Eve range, you pay just an extra £30 for 1500 full-size pocket springs, unlike its non-hybrid counterpart.

But if you don’t like the feel of pocket springs then The Premium is a great quality all-foam mattress that will contour around your body and give great pressure relief.

The Premium and Premium Hybrid are the best choice for hot sleepers. They are made with the most breathable foam and the option to wash the top cover means you can keep the mattress fresher for longer if you are prone to excessive sweating.

For those looking for a mid-range product that still offers lots of support and comfort, then we recommend the Original Hybrid which is ideal for side sleepers.

The 800 pocket springs will give you a decent amount of support, whilst the memory foam layers will relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips.

The Lighter and Lighter Hybrid are great options for children and teenagers or petite body types, who need less support when they sleep.  

If you are looking to buy your first memory foam mattress, then the Lighter Hybrid is a fantastic entry-level mattress to consider before committing to a higher-end product.

But if you want a higher quality mattress at the best price then we recommend The Original which is priced the same as the Lighter and Lighter Hybrid but will offer more support.


Eve cares about their customers and their individual needs, which is shown in the quality and design of their products.

If you’d like to try an Eve mattress for yourself, they are now stocked in many Next and Dunelm stores.

Alternatively, you can buy any of their 6 mattresses through the Eve website and trial them for up to 100-nights before making a final decision.

Still not sure?

Check out our other mattress reviews and see what tickles your fancy!