Are Simba Mattresses Any Good

Most Brits will remember the iconic TV ad that launched Simba back in 2016 featuring the new hybrid mattress being pummelled by a machine as a seductive voice whispered, ‘because you do more in bed than just sleep’.

Back then, a hybrid roll-up type mattress was a new idea that most people hadn’t seen before. And with younger people becoming more aware of their lifestyle choices, Simba looked towards this new audience with their bold and fresh campaign.

But did it work?

Now, Simba has over £100 million sales and their decision to target the millennial market seems to have paid off (quite literally!)

But is there more to Simba than just clever marketing?

Humble Beginnings…

Those that recognise the Simba brand, regard it as a new product that has not yet withstood the test of time like other well-known brands such as Sealy and Silentnight.

But Simba actually began as a family-run company in 1979, supplying spools of thread for over 50 million mattresses worldwide.

In 2002, Simba decided it was high time they used their background and knowledge in the bed industry and design their own mattress.

They had a vision to create a one-size-fits all mattress that could be enjoyed by everyone. Using a combination of conical pocket springs and Simba-pure foam, they eventually came up with the Simba Hybrid Mattress which has been recommended by Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home and Men’s Health.

Design and Qualities

Simba paved the way for hybrid roll-up mattresses and one of their unique selling points was the money-back 100-night sleep trial which they have now extended to 200-nights. 

Simba now have two types of mattress options available to buy on their website as well as other retailers including John Lewis and Argos.

  • THE SIMBA HYBRID® MATTRESS – The original Simba Hybrid is layered with their zoned Simba-support base, Simba-pure edge support, unique titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer with up to 2,500 springs (dependent on size of mattress) and an open-cell Simba-pure layer. 
  • THE SIMBA HYBRID® PRO MATTRESS – Slightly pricier than the original Simba Hybrid, the Pro is more advanced with a zoned Simba-support base, Simba-pure edge support, two layers of unique titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer with up 5,000 springs (dependent on size of mattress), an open-cell Simba-pure layer and an additional wool layer.

Both mattress options come in both UK and European sizes.

This is really handy for people who have old IKEA bed frames which were previously made in European sizes as it can be difficult to find a trusted UK retailer who sell mattresses in those sizes. 

Simba also have their own range of pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and toppers made with the same Simba-pure material available to buy through their website.

Their mattresses are made from 100% recyclable materials and being rolled up into a box means they can store more product in their vans and save emissions during delivery.

Boxed for your convenience…

But this roll-up type of mattress is more than good for the environment—there’s lots of reasons it may suit your lifestyle too.

With the current pandemic, delivery dates are being extended all the time. Whilst most mattresses normally take 2-3 weeks, we have seen dates in the UK being pushed back to 4-6 weeks due to a shortage of materials being imported from abroad.

However, Simba are able to deliver their mattresses in as little as 5 days, making it a great choice for those who are unable to wait 2 months for a better sleep.

The lockdown also means moving dates have been pushed back for some people too.

Since the Simba box doesn’t take up much room, you could easily store it in your current home until it’s time to move. The Simba box fits in most car boots so it’s easy to get it to your new home safe and easily.

200-Night Sleep Trial

Simba’s 100-night sleep trial was one of their unique selling points which helped them stand out to their competitors.

Because of the success of this sleep trial, many manufacturers such as Tempur and Emma now offer this too. 

So, Simba have taken it one step further.

Simba now offer a 200-night sleep trial on both of their mattresses, meaning you get almost half of an entire year to test the mattress and see if it’s right for you.

And you don’t have to worry about the mattress going to waste if it you don’t find it comfortable.

Simba will either recycle, refurbish, or donate the mattress depending on its condition after the trial.

All you need to do is take some photographs of the mattress and they will take care of the rest.

Unlike some other sleep trials who only offer an exchange option, Simba will issue you with a full refund after it has been collected.


But does Simba really suit every shape, size and sleeping position as they claim?

In short, the answer is no.

People are made up completely differently, so I think it’s fair to say that no mattress (unless there is one that can completely transform at the click of a button) will ever be able to suit everyone. Everyone has different preferences, and it would be pretty impossible for one mattress to meet every single individual need.

But the Simba mattress does come pretty close.

Simba has a medium firmness, which is one of the most popular firmness choices for Brits. The combination of pocket springs and foam also make it an ideal choice for side sleepers, again, the most popular sleeping position.

With this in mind, I can see why most people would find a Simba mattress comfortable.

But for those who can only get forty winks on an extra-firm or extra-soft mattress, or those who are stubborn front/back sleepers, then Simba is probably not going to be for you.

So, who is Simba for? 

To reiterate, Simba would be a great choice for side sleepers, particularly those who feel comfortable on a medium-level mattress.

Mostly due to marketing and the price point of £900-1300, Simba are also really popular with young middle-income adults. Simba also offer finance options so if you haven’t got the savings and would like to spread the cost, then you can do this too.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress and Simba Hybrid Pro would also be a good fit for couples as the pocket springs, particularly with the Pro which offers double the number of springs, will help prevent feeling any movement throughout the night. This means you shouldn’t feel your partner moving around either.

They are also a great choice for narrow entryways or loft bedrooms. As the mattress comes rolled up in a box measuring 107cm x 50cm x 50cm it’s easy to get into the room.

Some people also have awkward stairwells and getting a regular non-rolled mattress into a room (especially super-king sizes) can be an issue. You should always measure your stairs before buying a mattress and if you do think it could be a problem, then it’s definitely worth considering Simba.

Finally, for anybody who needs a bit more time to decide when choosing their mattress, then the 200-night sleep trial is ideal. Lots of people have a hard time choosing their mattress and may find it particularly stressful if they have made the wrong decision in the past.

Simba’s 200-night trial and money-back guarantee give you some extra peace of mind when coming to that decision as if you don’t find it comfortable, then you have the option to send it back as easily as a new coat. 

Simba have won a variety of top awards.

Who would Simba not be for?

Simba isn’t going to be suited for high-end buyers looking for a top-quality product. Although the Simba Hybrid Mattress is good quality and comes with a 10-year-guarantee, it’s still a roll-up mattress that comes with limitations. The springs inside are smaller than a regular mattress and some people, particularly those who are heavier, might not feel completely supported. 

It’s also not going to be suitable for those looking for a more traditional-type mattress.

The Simba mattress is made with memory foam, so if you are looking for a more natural product then this may not be your choice.

Again, if you want a mattress that can be turned over (for some people this can be a dealbreaker) then you’re going to want to consider some other brands such as Silentnight or Slumberland.


Overall, we think that Simba is a good choice for most people. Both mattresses offer good value for money with the option to spread the cost and a 10-year guarantee that will make it a worthy investment.

Simba are definitely one of the most convenient mattress brands on the market and whilst they have used some bold marketing techniques that have paid off, we’d agree that the response in the majority of reviews is positive.

And if you decide you don’t like Simba, well you have 200 nights to try it or get your money back.

So, what are you waiting for?