Are Tempur Mattresses Worth The Money?

Tempur are the king of the high end mattress.

They can cost around 10 times the price of your average budget mattress.

So are they worth it?

Thats the first question that everyone asks. Hopefully we can help answer this by telling you about our own personal experience and our follow up after 3 years of using the same Tempur mattress.

tempur mattress on adjustable bed

What is a Tempur Mattress?

A Tempur is the epitome of a luxury mattress. The extensive testing and development process (which involved NASA!) Is testament to their quality and performance.

There are a huge range of Tempur mattresses available, to suit everyones needs.

  • If you have back pain or other aches and pains, there are Tempurpedic mattresses to help you.
  • If you like the idea of memory foam, but get too hot in the night, Tempur have invented the CoolTouch version.
  • There are three main types, one for ultimate comfort and softness, one for quick reaction and increased movability whilst in bed (so you don’t sink into the mattress as much) and one that combines Tempur memory foam and pocketed springs for those who like the firmness of springs.

On top of these options, if those aren’t enough, there are also numerous grades, 3 for each mattress – the highest grade would be the thickest mattress and would cost more. – However all Tempur mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee, so if you opt for the cheapest Tempur option, you are still getting the absolute highest quality.

Speaking of guarantee, Tempur offer a 10 year guarantee on their mattresses.

Which sealed the deal for us. We were worried that with it being memory foam, that it would start to sag after a few months. However, Tempur promise that the mattress will retain it original form for a guaranteed 10 years. Which puts any doubts to rest.

tempur mattress removable cover

Why is Tempur so expensive compared to other mattresses?

There are many types of memory foam mattress on the market, the biggest competitors to Tempur are all relatively new brands – their unique feature is that their memory foam mattresses come rolled and compressed in a box.

Big brands like Simba, Eve and Casper all use this method.

But if they are also memory foam, why do they cost so much less?

Brands such as Casper and Simba are not for sale through retail stores, this means you cannot try the bed out physically in a shop before buying it.

This is a turn off for some people. (Although most of these brands offer a 100 day free returns policy). -Which is very reassuring.

They are so confident that you will love your mattress that they will happily let you return it for a refund if you try it out and do not like it.

tempur mattress with green trim

The idea behind not having their mattresses in shops means that they can pass on this saving to the customer. By selling directly from the manufacturer to the customer, they save a LOT of money of transporting, promotion, stock, paying for premium spaces in stores etc.

The beauty is with Tempur, that you can pretty much try out any model in bed stores across the country. Whilst they may be more expensive, this is one hug convenience of not having to worry about the though of returning the mattress as you know you will be happy with your Tempur.

The science behind the Tempur mattress and the peaceful sleep they intend to provide is reflected in the price.

You are also paying for the reputable name and brand. (Just like we do with Apple!)

malmo tempur mattress bensons for beds

So is Tempur worth it?

We believe that whilst the cost of a Tempur mattress is very high, and you could get an alternative memory foam mattress for less than half the price. What you are paying for is the proven results, the 10 years of use you will get out of it.

(How often do we buy something that will last that long?)

Its also of course the quality. They unique layers that make up a Tempur mattress have very special properties that will not only help to reduce and eradicate aches and pains. Bu also to help you with your quality of sleep, and your spine alignment when in bed.

(Lying in a bad position for years without being fully supported in bed could be damaging your spine little by little.)

Tempur solves this by evenly spreading your weight out and providing the perfect support for every part of your body.

What is a Tempur mattress like after 3 years of use?

Our Tempur Malmo – 3 Years old at the time of taking this picture.

People may be wanting to know how a Tempur mattress stands up to the test of time. The short answer is very well. Here is a more detailed explanation as to why.

When we first tried out a Tempur mattress it was a pretty amazing experience, 3 years on and the mattress still feels the same as it was the day we bought it.

There is no evidence of it sinking or having lumps or bumps in specific areas.

You can tell that the mattress has been used, but this is all our fault…. There are a few coffee stains visible on the surface (who can’t resist the occasional coffee in bed? Then spill it when tripping over a cat or not seeing properly in the dark!)

We also try to keep the cat off the bed but he occasionally sneaks in and there is the odd pull on the surface where he has used his claws to get up – naughty cat.