Are Tempur Pillows Any Good?

Speaking as someone who has slept on a Tempur pillow for the last two years I can honestly say that they are brilliant.

I would not go back to ordinary pillows, I love my Tempur pillow too much! Keep reading to find out exactly why..

A few years ago, my partner and I decided to invest in a Tempur mattress..

(..Which has been one of the most life changing investments we have ever made – and was the basis for us deciding to start this website to help other people find out how they can improve their quality of sleep and comfort in bed.)

At the time, we gave very little thought to which pillows we were using and had never spent more than £10 on a pillow before.

This is the sort of pillow we would have used before – 2 for £10 or a similar price. But we were never happy with the way they felt.

(£10 each would have been a luxury pillow by our standards back then!)

When the sales person mentioned Tempur pillows, we initially looked at each other with a half raised eyebrow…

..Is this just an ‘add on’ that they’re trying to sell us to make an extra chunk of money?!

When we initially saw the price tag of £80 our eyes went wide and we thought what a lot of people probably would think..

Umm.. No way am I paying £80 for one pillow!


After doing a lot of research and trying out a few of their different pillows we decided that if we were investing £1600 on a mattress, why would we then top it off with a £5 basic pillow?

Isn’t that defeating the object a little bit?

So, after trying out the different types, we bought two different types of Tempur pillow.

I know, £160 on two pillows, you might think we are mad, but in my opinion, they were absolutely worth the money.

Reasons why I love my Tempur Pillow:

  • It provides the perfect amount of support, no matter where you place your head.
  • You feel like your head is perfectly cradled with enough resistance from the pillow to have your head aligned with your neck and body regardless of sleeping on your side back or front.
  • There is no stuffing or padding so it cannot shift to one side. and leave the pillow flat.
  • They last a LONG time.. I am not sure how long they are even supposed to last, but we have slept on ours every night for just over two years and they still look and feel as good as new.
  • No allergies or asthma trigger – we previously tried duck feather pillows – big mistake! Spiked in the face with feathers and coughing attacks from the extra dust!
  • They hold their shape extremely well and never need plumping or reshaping.
  • They have a removable outer cover which is made of a thin and breathable incredibly soft fabric (you can wash these too at 60°C too – but I don’t wash them every time I wash the outer pillow cases.) I often put two outer pillow cases on just to protect the pillows from dribble or an accidental morning coffee spillage!
  • You only need one pillow, no more trying to create the perfect height with two, one or two and a bit regular pillows.
  • They don’t need replacing every few months – I know I said this before sort of, but I can’t say it enough.
  • They quickly adapt to your body heat, so you don’t feel cold in winter .
  • Having said this, they do absorb heat but they do not get hot in summer, I have spent many nights with previous pillows in the past waking up and turning them over to cool may head and face down. Even throwing the whole pillow off of the bed! (However, with my Tempur pillow I have not had this problem, ever.)
  • They are very heavy – surprisingly heavy in fact! They feel very high quality and because they are heavy, they do not budge, no matter how much you toss and turn in the night!
  • There is no smell – this is a minor thing but probably worth mentioning. From the moment we opened the pillows and started using them, there was no smell. (A vast improvement on the duck feather pillows again which has an awful smell of lingering mustiness!)

SO.. having said all of that, (I know I probably sound a little biased, but with good reason I believe).

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Are there any negatives to a Tempur Pillow?

For me, I am totally happy with my pillow, honestly.

The only thing I wish, is that they could be a bit cheaper so that more people would consider buying one and not be initially put off by the price like we were.

So are they worth the price tag?

For me, I would say absolutely yes.

We currently own an ‘Original’ Tempur Pillow which is mine, and a ‘Cloud’ Tempur pillow which is Nialls, my partner’s.

The Tempur Original has a very supportive and cushioning feel an average density – Firmer than say a regular silent night fibre pillow. With an incredible amount of support.

It is perfect for sleeping on my back and my side and sometimes I wake up on my front too!

This is what the Tempur pillow looks like without its washable cover on. A sort of skin coloured lump of pillow – they are very heavy and feel extremely squishy.

The Original pillow has a distinct triangle pattern in the outer removable over and is a perfect first Tempur pillow if you have not had one before.

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Our two pillows have subtle differences, the Cloud has a softer initial feel followed by quite a firm support underneath.

It is perfect for people who like a lot of firm support – but want a superior soft floaty feeling at the same time.

The Cloud pillow feels a bit higher off the bed than the original pillow – it has more depth for your head to sink into, like a ‘cloud’ – I guess that’s what gives it its name.

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Both Niall and I agree that since using our Tempur pillows, we have definitely suffered with less back / neck pain;

We both have reoccurring pains and twinges in our back and necks (likely down to spending too much time at our computers working and having a bad posture whilst sitting at the computers.)

For me,

Lying on the memory foam Tempur mattress coupled with a supportive memory foam pillow, it can feel like I am weightless sometimes, like being in a swimming pool (the way the water supports your body and head).

For us, our Tempur pillows are a must have. So much so, that if and when our current ones wear out, we will certainly be buying replacement Tempur ones.

What about other memory foam pillows?

I would be open to trying a different brand of memory foam pillow, like Casper or Simba for example, if I could try it in a shop.

But after the experience I have had with our Tempur pillows, I really wouldn’t want to switch to a different brand as we have been so happy with ours.