Are Tempur Pillows Good For Neck Pain?

Speaking as someone who occasionally suffers from neck pain and who owns a Tempur pillow, I can honestly say yes; they are good for helping relieve neck pain.

I occasionally have neck pain that travels into my upper back. So does my partner Niall in fact.

It is most likely due to poor posture and spending LONG periods of time working on our computers.

Most of the time, after heading to bed in the evening, and waking up in the morning having slept on our Tempur pillows, we are usually cured by morning.

It seems that when you place your head on a Tempur pillow, providing you also have a good quality supportive mattress, all of the weight is taken and supported from your head, thus relieving any tension or strain on your neck.

At worst, I have had an annoying neck pain that I feel has travelled from my neck to upper or middle back by morning. Probably from lying in a weird position.

But I definitely feel that a Tempur pillow is good for relieving neck pain.

When compared to a regular fibre filled pillow, which is bouncy. – The fibre pillow, whilst feeling supportive at first when you put your head down, starts to compress and become less supportive the more time you spend lying on it.

This over a period of night time sleep can provide inadequate support to your neck and shoulder and means the pain may continue or even worsen.

A quality, supportive, memory foam pillow, (like a Tempur pillow) will not compress fully, allowing your head to be fully supported and to remain in correct alignment with your spine.

Whilst I cannot guarantee that a Tempur pillow will be a magic cure, what I can say is that both my partner and I, having both suffered with occasional neck and back pain, have felt relief from neck strain and tightness and felt more supported in bed since using our Tempur pillows.

I own and sleep on a Tempur classic pillow and comfort pillow and my partner sleeps on a Tempur Cloud pillow; the medium and softest Tempur pillows respectively.

I have not yet had the pleasure of trying out a Tempur Ergonomic pillow.

These contoured pillows are specially designed specifically for the ultimate neck support and to relieve discomfort in the head neck and shoulder areas.

If you are someone who regularly suffers badly with a stiff neck / neck pain, perhaps you would benefit from trying out an ergonomic pillow.

Tempur pillows are not cheap, but they they are incredibly high quality and effective.

They also last a very long time, we’ve had ours for nearly 3 years now and they’re still as good as new.

Tempur also offer trial periods on some of their products, so you may be able to try your pillow out at home and really make sure it is right before committing to keeping it.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to helping with occasional neck pain, my Tempur pillow has also really helped over time with back pain.

Problems with my back that I regularly suffered from when sleeping on a sprung mattress and regular fibre pillow have been managed and helped a lot since sleeping on a Tempur mattress and pillow.

Some people may disagree, but I feel that my Tempur pillow has helped with neck pain and will very likely help you too.