Are Vesganttii Mattresses Any Good?

Vesganttii are among the very best budget mattress manufacturers around.

They offer good quality, trusted and long lasting mattresses at a shockingly low price.

Comparable to Inofia and Silent Night, their mattresses all cost less than £200 for a UK standard double which is very impressive.

So are they good honest value for money or are they a throwaway cheap item to be avoided?

Key points on Vesganttii mattresses:

  • Vesgantti mattresses are designed in the UK – this is always nice to hear as you know that their mattresses have been designed with the fussy British public in mind!
  • They offer a 10 year limited warranty on mattresses – 10 years is a long time and a lot can happen, such a warranty is often only available with premium mattresses.
  • Vesganttii offer a 100 night sleep trial – I cannot stress enough how important this is. It takes a few weeks for your body to fully adapt to a new mattress, to see if you really like it.
  • On top of that, buying a mattress online, that you have not had chance to feel, lie on or even see in real life is a bit daunting. The 100 day trial period takes away this worry.
  • They are big on free delivery and absorb the delivery costs into the item price so you don’t get hit with a large delivery charge.
  • They offer a mattress for everyone, including hybrid mattresses with coils and foam, pure memory foam mattresses, very cheap mattresses and upgraded slightly more expensive ones.

Vesganttii has a refreshing motto:

“We could charge £1000, but we choose not to. Instead, we charge what we need, not what we can.”

Sounds a bit like the Card Factory slogan here in the UK.

Vesganttii Quality

Vesganttii mattresses are an excellent buy, for what they cost.

They are a trusted name, selling both on their website and on Amazon. They have gained hundreds of reviews.

Not just for one or two mattresses but they have hundreds of reviews for each mattress they sell.

Their review scores are very impressive, averaging at around 4.4 to 4.9 out of 5.

This is very exciting, at these scores beat or equal some of the more expensive mattresses that cost up to 10 times the price.

Their foam achieved CertiPUR-US® and BS 7177:2008+A1:2011.

Their mattresses received the UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification for chemical emissions standards. (Tested by the UL Environment – a global safety certification company.)

Mattress Quality and Materials


Vesganttii use pocket springs in their mattresses. These pocket springs offer support and give a bounce to the bed.

They are traditional deep pocket springs, (tall) and used for support as opposed to the shallow pocket springs used by companies such as Simba and Emma which are more for comfort.


Their polyurethane foam is certified by CertiPUR-US®. Their mattresses use foam in the hybrid mattresses for comfort, to relieve pressure points and to give a smoother for comfortable experience on top of the springs.

Vesganttii also make pure memory foam mattresses, with multiple layers of foam, each offering different benefits to give you an absorbing floating feeling when you lie on the mattress.


The outer of this mattress feels good and high quality. The fabrics are soft and look attractive.

The top of the hybrid mattresses have a built in topper which gives more comfort and relieves pressure points.


Vesganttii mattresses are quite bouncy, the pocket springs give a lot of push back. In terms of softness, they are often on the soft side of medium firmness.

It depends on your weight too, if you are heavier, you will feel like the mattress is softer, and if you are lighter, you may feel that the mattress is firmer. So it is a little hard to say.

Roll, Elasticity and Motion Transfer

The elasticity is good on Vesganttii mattresses, if you lie on the bed or push down hard in one area, the bed adapts and is only compressed where you are pushing.

So for example, if you lie on the bed and you place an object on the bed close to you, it wouldn’t slide into you in the well you create with you body.

The mattress also immediately regains its shape thanks to the pocket springs.

(Even when literally standing on the very edge of the mattress. Not that you would ordinarily do this, but for testing purposes to see its reaction.)

It is very bouncy, which could be good for you, if thats what you like, or perhaps if you struggle to get out of bed.

It could be a downside, especially if you’re a side sleeper or if your partner moves around a lot in the night because you are going to feel some of their motion transferred as they move around.

In terms of edge support;

There is no real edge support inside the mattress at the edges, (some mattresses have walls built out of foam to give added side support).

The pocket springs (in the sprung mattresses) go right to the edges.

Having said that, the edges of the mattress are actually very good and if you lie right on the edge of the mattress on your side, it feels secure, like you’re not going to roll off.

There is side compression when you sit on the edge, as with all mattresses. But considering its low price, Vesganttii mattresses reacts pretty well when you sit on the edge, they bounce right back up.

Although, after ruining our last mattress by sitting in bed and permanently damaging the springs by compression, I would never advise anyone to regularly sit on a mattress as opposed to lying on it.

We have put a chair in out bedroom now to avoid the temptation of casually sitting on the new mattress!

Which Vesganttii mattress to choose?

As I mentioned above, Vesganttii offer numerous mattresses to suit your needs and with a range of prices (all under £200).

If I were to buy one, I would choose the Vesganttii 10.3 Inch Hybrid mattress. It is from their ‘premium’ price bracket but is still under £200.

It offers the support and benefits of their regular Luxe mattresses with the pocket springs and comfortable feel, but with added layers of foam for better pressure relief, less motion transfer and just overall slightly better materials which will last longer and help to keep you cooler at night.

As it is a hybrid mattress, it offers the individually wrapped pocket springs as well as 6 extra layers of comforting memory foam.

This mattress would be better suited to a side sleeper than the standard Luxe hybrid mattress as the extra layers of foam mean your shoulder will be absorbed by foam and not sink deeper into the pocket springs below.

You can’t go wrong with this mattress for how much it costs. It really is a bargain and offers a very good nights sleep for a pretty bargain price.

You can view this mattress on Amazon here as well as compare the many other Vesganttii mattresses available.

Why are Vesganttii mattresses so cheap?

Their budget friendly mattresses are a simple and effective fix to needing a new mattress. With very quick delivery, instant availability and a low price, they are very convenient and perfect it you need a cheap mattress fast.

Their slightly more expensive mattresses (all under £200 for a standard double) are built to save costs where possible.

This is what makes them so affordable.

For example, they aren’t available in shops, so they save money by cutting out the middle man and sending stock straight to the customer.

They also use materials that, whilst comfortable and supportive, leaving you thinking, ‘I am never buying an expensive mattress again’. They are ultimately not going to last as long as more premium mattresses costing upwards of £500.

They reason for this is simply the materials used in the mattresses. Where a premium £1000 plus mattress might use latex foam that could last 20 years, a budget mattress is going to use a simple lightweight man made foam which will wear out more quickly.

When it comes to springs, the metal used for the springs inside the coils can sometimes be thinner to save costs, whilst still offering support and bounce.

The pockets of the springs have to be glued together, to give more even support and this stops the mattress from caving in, in one spot when you apply pressure.

On cheaper mattresses like Vesganttii, when you open them up to get inside the outer layers to look at the springs, it becomes apparent that this is another cost saving area, whilst most of the springs are glued together properly, there are often a few that are not, and you are able to put your hand in between of the pocket coils.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to be a deal breaker by any standards, just a small detail that is slightly lacking in quality compared with more expensive mattresses (which all adds up to the mattress being cheaper to the customer.)

Advertising, or lack of.

Vesganttii do not advertise, on TV, on the radio, on billboards, vans etc, this is massive cost saving method, they pass the savings onto the customer.

The Bottom Line

This article is about wether or not Vesganttii mattresses are any good.

I would say that undoubtedly, for a budget priced mattress (under £200) that Vesganttii mattresses are very good, especially if you can afford that bit more to get one of their ‘upgraded’ mattresses as opposed to the lower end ones priced at around £100.

The small increase in cost is worth it and will offer you more benefits, and ultimately, it should last longer.

If you’re asking yourself, why should I spend more than £500 on a mattress when Vesganttii offers all of these features and a 10 years warranty.

Well, my answer would be that whilst this mattress may last 10 years, the benefits and properties of the materials may certainly have run out by the time you get to 10 years of use.

(Note, if the mattress is only used occasionally as a guest bed, or by a very petite lightweight person, you may have 100 good years of use out of a Vesganttii mattress no problem.)

Would I buy a Vesganttii mattress for my partner and I to use as out main mattress?

Currently, we have a good amount of disposable income and can afford to spend a more money on things in life that are going to last a long time. (Like the Tempur mattress that we bought for ourselves.)

So currently, no. I would not buy a Vesganttii as our main mattress. We are both average sized adults and I do not feel that it would last long enough to warrant buying it for us, I think it would be quite wasteful as it would probably need to be replaced in a few years.

That is why we wanted to spend more money on a mattress that would last 10 years or more.
Our last mattress (a basic Silent Night sprung mattress only lasted approximately 4 years before it was ready to put in a skip and sadly discarded.

We have learned from this and try to be less wasteful.

However, with that said. Do not let me put you off at all, because if things were different for us and we had quite a limited budget again, I would definitely consider buying a Vesganttii mattress for us.

In our current situation, the reasons I would consider buying a Vesganttii mattress are, as a spare bedroom mattress, one that is only going to be slept on a few times a year.
Or as a first mattress for a child, (you can guarantee that no matter how careful you are, at some point, there is going to be an accident or a spillage or an over enthusiastic bouncing session on the bed that will make you think, ‘I didn’t spend this much money on this mattress only for that to happen!’

I would also defiantly consider buying a Vesganttii mattress for an elderly person, like my nan who came to stay with us for her final years. She was so lightweight and petite that she was completely happy actually sleeping on an old fashioned metal sprung mattress (which was not comfortable!) But with a good quality mattress topper placed on top.

Her petite frame barely sank into the mattress topper and she found the whole thing extremely comfortable. (Though I’m not sure it would have been for me!)

Whilst they may not last for years and years and may eventually lose some of they comfort and support, Vesganttii mattresses really are a good product that offers something for everyone.

They offer a very comfortable and surprisingly good mattress for the money. It is easy to pick fault and compare to a mattress that costs upward of £500, but considering they are all less than £200 for a standard double, you can’t easily and justifiably complain.

If you decide to try out a Vesganttii mattress, you do have 100 nights to try it out with the ability to change your mind.

So the good news is that if you do hate it, you’re not going to be stuck with it as you can return it and their customer service (based in the UK is very good).