Which is the Best Bed Base for a Memory Foam Mattress

You’ve got the difficult part out of the way and you’ve decided on a memory foam mattress! Hooray!

But hang on? Now you’re wondering—Can you put a memory foam mattress on just any old bed base?

There is no straight answer to this question. The fact of the matter is most frames will accommodate a memory foam mattress but that doesn’t mean you SHOULD just use any frame.

Poor ventilation and support can make a huge difference in the comfort of your sleep!

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Choosing a frame can be just as important as choosing the mattress and can give your mattress a completely different feel.

You should also consider what mattress your frame was displayed on when you tried it in the shop—if it was displayed on a divan base for example and you have a slatted bed frame, it may feel much softer on your own frame.

So, what base should you use?

What About My Old Box Spring Base?

A box spring base is like a divan base, except instead of a solid top, the middle of the base is filled with lots of springs. These were a popular bed choice many years ago, but they have become outdated and most manufacturers no longer make them.

 However, you may be considering using your old box spring base to support your new mattress.

Since box springs are prone to dipping, they may not be the best choice for a memory foam mattress as this will offer little support. If you have a hybrid mattress (a combination of springs and memory foam) this may be more suitable if your base is less than five years old and in good condition.

Even so, it may be time to ditch the box spring and consider some alternatives!

Okay, So How About a Divan Base?

A divan base is probably the most popular type of bed base sold today. Unlike the box spring, a divan base has a platform top and usually comes with built-in storage which can be useful.

However, a good ventilation system in your base is essential for your memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is made of a dense material that retains heat from your body. It’s vital that your mattress can breathe and release the heat and moisture underneath, creating a circulation system.

Since divan bases have a solid top, they offer little to no ventilation, particularly when bought cheaply.

But, with the increasing popularity of memory foam, many manufacturers now make divan bases that offer better circulation. If you are looking to replace your whole bed, it may be worth considering if you have the option to buy the mattress and divan base as a set.

Buying a divan set not only means you’ll be getting a base that has been designed for your mattress but using the manufacturer’s recommended base might increase the warranty and often works out a much better deal than buying a base separately.

Is a Slatted Bed Frame Better?

Yet, whilst you can buy divan bases with some ventilation, a slatted bed frame is always going to offer the most breathing room.

The gaps between the slats make this an ideal choice for a memory foam mattress as the air can circulate underneath and offer superior ventilation. This will help keep the mattress clean as it will release moisture as well as prevent you from overheating during the night.

Can I use a temper mattress on a slatted bed?

But remember—a slatted frame might feel a bit softer than divan with a platform top!

If you can, go back to the showroom and have a look at what your chosen mattress is displayed on. If it’s displayed on a divan base, then try a similar memory foam mattress on a slatted base and compare the difference. You may notice the slatted base has much more give compared to the divan.

So, if you prefer a firmer feel to your mattress then consider a bed frame with solid slats as opposed to sprung slats. Solid slats don’t bend like sprung slats, so your mattress won’t feel as soft. A good quality frame with solid slats is usually built to be sturdy and since memory foam mattresses can be quite heavy (especially Tempur mattresses!) they will support the mattress much better.

So, Which Base is Best?

The most important thing to remember is to choose a base that offers good ventilation, can support your memory foam mattress, and doesn’t give too much when laying on it. A bed frame with solid slats would be the ideal choice for your memory foam mattress. A good quality divan base with built-in ventilation or designed specifically for your memory foam mattress might also be worth considering.