Best Budget Mattress (Under £200)

Best Budget Mattress

If you’re on a budget to buy the best mattress for the least money, we have rounded up the best mattresses for you.
(Searching for the best budget mattress is much easier when someone else has done the research for you!)

If you’re looking for a temporary fix for your bed or perhaps a new mattress for the guest bedroom, read on and avoid overspending where you really don’t need to…

Here is a round up of the best budget mattresses, all under £200! 

1. Inofia 3D 7 Zone Support Pocket Sprung Mattress

Inofia 3D 7 Zone Support Pocket Sprung Mattress

This mattress literally offers everything. What a great find. 

It is both pocket sprung and has a foam layer. The pocket springs give stability and support, and the foam layer give extra comfort – which helps to relive pressure points and makes the mattress feel much higher quality than you would imagine, based on the price.

Your bone and joints are able to sink into the memory foam layer so you don’t feel the pain that you would on a medium firm mattress. 

The ‘7 zones’ are specifically targeting to areas of the body that are likely to apply more pressure than others. (See what the 7 zones are exactly below in the image.)

Sleeping on a mattress such as this one will help to distribute your weight whilst aligning your spine. (Check out the Inofia website here if you like.)

Best For:

  • Anyone who has trouble being comfortable in bed due to aches and pains.
  • Suitable for a kids, teenagers, adults, or as a couples bed. It is perfect for a spare room, and would last for a very long time with only the use of being a spare bed. However, you can also rely on using this mattress as your main bedroom mattress that you sleep on every night too. (There is even a 10 year guarantee on the materials.) It is only logical that it would not last as long if it was used as your main everyday mattress.
Inofia 3D 7 Zone Support Pocket Sprung Mattress


This is a fantastic mattress and offers the most value for money out of all the mattresses in this post. It comes in at well under £200 for the standard double 4ft6 size.

A fantastic purchase for anyone looking for the best budget mattress for use in the main bedroom or spare room or for an older child (teenager).

2. Vesgantti Lavender Double Mattress, Pocket Sprung Memory Foam

The Vesgantti brand make every size of bed, for a budget price.

From a 2ft6 small single, right through to a 6ft super king size.

Their budget Lavender bed (don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like lavender), is priced well under £200 for a double and delivers a great value mattress for the small price tag.

Vesgatti use both individual pocket springs and multiple layers of memory foam in this mattress.

So you get the resistance and bounce back feel of a sprung bed, but with the absorbing softness of a memory foam bed.

(Great for people who can’t decide on springs or memory foam and want the best of both!)

Visgantti have jumped on board with some of the premium brands of mattresses by offering a generous 100 night trial, with free delivery.

The reason for offering this trial is that the body needs up to 4 weeks to fully adjust to sleeping on a new mattress.

Allowing you up to 100 days, with the ability to return the mattress gives you a reassurance of the trust they have in the quality of their product.

The Vesgantti mattress is vacuum packed, you just open it and allow it to fully expand before trying it out.

The mattress is 25 cm thick and is suitable for back, side and front sleepers.

I think that when people associate memory foam mattress with being too hot, it is often because the foam is dense and not particularly high quality.

(Resulting in lots of heat build up with no escape).

The Vesgantti mattress has a mesh ventilation border, to allow excess heat to escape from the memory foam layer.

Which should enable you to keep your body at a steady temperature.

The Vesgatti mattress range comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Which is the same number of years warranty as a Tempur mattress…

Which costs 10 times the price!

The Visgantti mattress would be best for:

  • Someone who like a fairly firm mattress with pressure relief – (from the memory foam).
  • If you’re looking for a budget double mattress under £200 – you can’t go wrong with the Vesgantti mattress.
  • Someone who is worried about overheating on a pure memory foam mattress.
  • If you would be unable to lift and turn over a regular mattress, then this mattress is ideal as you don’t have to turn this one – so you won’t have to risk hurting yourself.
  • Ideal for someone buying a mattress online for the first time without having tried it first in a shop. – a 100 day trial period means you’re not stuck with the mattress if you don’t like it.

3. Silentnight Lyndhurst Miracoil Spring Mattress

Silentnight Lyndhurst Miracoil Spring Mattress

£200 for the double sized version of this mattress you cant go wrong. This mattress feels extremely comfortable, given the low price. It’s also great to be able to purchase a well known brand name, Silentnight, whilst staying in the budget category. 

It is a medium support mattress, so a good all rounder for most people and features Silentnight’s exclusive Miracoil system, which is also used in some of their more expensive mattresses.

What is miracoil? 

Miracoil offer more support than standard springs as the weight is distributed more evenly. 

Miracoil technology is mainly geared towards couples who share a bed as it reduces the amount of ‘roll together’ that happens when the mattress gets squished between your and you end up rolling into each other in the centre of the bed.

The more advanced springs in this mattress are also great news if you suffer from an aching back occasionally. As they provide more support.

There are 325 Miracoil springs in this Silentnight mattress and it is a ‘non turn’ mattress. Its unique design means you don’t have to flip it over every couple of months. 

Best For:

  • People who struggle with stiffness and aches and pains when lying down.
  • People who would struggle, or be unable to flip a standard spring mattress due the the weight. (The elderly or perhaps someone with a disability would benefit from this mattress.)
  • People who get hot in the night, this Silentnight mattress has ecoComfort technology which prevents overheating and aids with airflow. 
Silentnight Lyndhurst Miracoil Spring Mattress


This silentnight mattress is excellent value for the money, we love the unique Miracoil springs which help prevent the ‘roll together’ that happens on a basic mattress when there are two people in the bed.

4. ‘Bedzonline’ Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress is by far the cheapest budget mattress in our list.

The last time I checked it was under £100 for a standard double mattress which is a bargain!
Now, for such a small price tag, I am not saying that I would buy this and sleep on it every night as my main mattress.

But as a guest room mattress or perhaps occasional sleeping in a caravan bed, if you’re on a tight budget, this mattress fits the bill.

The majority of this ‘Bedzonline’ mattress is made up of a very dense foam, topped with a thin layer of memory foam.

It is not comparable to the advanced cell structure of the memory foam in premium mattresses..

But as a budget mattress for fairly infrequent use, it does the job and certainly feels soft and body absorbing, like a memory foam mattress.

The foam will mould to your body shape, more than a sprung mattress, relieving pressure points and still joints.

This mattress would be best for:

  • If you really want the most for your money on a tight budget.
  • If you suffer with stiff joints and aches and pains – the foam will help to support your body better.
  • If you suffer with allergies or asthma, this memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic and anti dust mite.
  • It is also vacuum packed and rolled at the factory, so won’t pick up dust or dirt whilst in transit.
  • One of the most popular and highest number sold on Amazon – with over 4100 reviews averaging at 4 stars, which is pretty impressive considering the price – it is a good value mattress for the money.

5. Starlight Beds – Double Mattress

The Starlight mattress range make single, small double, double and kingsize mattresses – all for under £200!

How do they make them with such a low price tag?

Well, the mattress has both an open coin sprint layer and a memory foam layer for added comfort.

The materials are not the most superior on the market, but with mattresses, you get what you pay for.

Having said that, for a child’s mattress or for a petite framed adult, there is no reason why this mattress wouldn’t be absolutely fine.

Logic says that the bigger and heavier you are, the more you will compress the mattress.
So if you’re looking for a main mattress for two average sized adults, this one may not be for you.

This mattress offers a good amount of support, with a springy firm feel from under layer and a cushioning soft feel from the memory foam.

The mattress is delivered vacuum packed and takes around 2 hours to fully expand.

The Starlight mattress is also hypo allergenic, and has dust mite protection – so if you suffer from asthma or allergies, you don’t need to worry.

This mattress would be best for:

  • A child / teenager or petite framed person – they will benefit the most from its comfort levels.
  • Anyone with a tight budget, who wants a good supportive all round mattress.
  • Someone with allergies, the mattress is hypoallergenic.
  • If you’re after a hybrid mattress with springs and memory foam.

6. ‘DOSLEEPS’ Double Mattress

Aside from the weird name ‘Dosleeps’, this mattress is a very good value mattress for the price, which is under £200.

This mattress has 9 inner zones (layers), which means it is one of the better mattresses.

The Dosleep mattress combines springs for support with memory foam for immediate comfort.

The 9 layers inside this mattress are made up of;

  • A 3D knitted breathable cover
  • High density compression (memory) foam
  • Fire retardant barrier
  • Another layer of high density compression foam
  • Comfort foam
  • Air cool wave foam
  • Dual cool technology fibre
  • Coil / spring layer
  • Dual cool technology fibre
  • And finally a cotton outer cover

Theres a lot going on there, however, each layer is quite thin – and on its own would seem to do much good.

However, when you add all of these layers together, the result is a very comfortable, supportive mattress.

I love that ‘dosleeps’ offer a 90 day money back guarantee- if you are unhappy with the mattress, they will replace or refund it for you.

So you really can’t go wrong.

It comes vacuum packed and rolled, so it is much easier to carry to mattress upstairs to its final location – without having to struggle with the size and awkwardness of a normal mattress.

This mattress would be best for:

  • Someone looking for the best quality mattress under £200
  • If you’re dubious about buying a mattress online without trying it out first – the 90 day money back guarantee gives you reassurance.
  • Someone looking for a cool mattress that won’t heat up.
  • If you’re after a mattress that offers low motion disturbance. (When your partner turns over.)
  • Ideal for a child or adults bed.
  • You do not need to flip this mattress, so if flipping a mattress every month is not for you then this mattress is ideal.

7. Dalton Traditional Spring Mattress

Dalton Traditional Spring Mattress

The Dalton spring mattress is a fantastic budget buy. It has hourglass shapes springs inside which help to give an even level of support across the mattress.

The comfort grade is medium, so it suits a wide range of people who neither pressure a soft mattress or a hard mattress.

Being double sided, you can flip and turn this mattress frequently to maintain even wear and tear of the springs. 

Best For:

  • Any sleeper, side front or back.
  • Someone looking for a good quality value purchase.
  • A spare bedroom / guest room. 
  • Kids room. 


An overall great bargain buy. Will do the job, probably wont last for many years if it is to be used as your main bed for sleeping in every night, but for less than £200 it is strong, well made and comfortable. – You don’t get the feeling of springs poking through. 

The Dalton double mattress is available on the Dreams website and in Dreams stores across the UK.

8. Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

This is a mattress we were very excited to find out more about.

Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress, Made in the UK

 A memory foam rolled mattress like the Simba and Casper mattresses, for under £200?!

This definitely needs to be discussed further.

This Silentnight mattress is made with the ‘Miratex’ high density foam – a support system to help relieve pressure points and help with spinal alignment.

There are 3 zones (layers) in this mattress, including the Miratex foam, designed to help distribute your weight evenly. The other two layers sit on top of the main foam body layer and add more comfort and pressure relief qualities to the mattress.

Uniquely this mattress comes rolled, just like the new trend of Simba and Casper mattresses, however this one costs about a quarter of the price! (Its also super comfortable and feels like it should cost more than it does.)

Best For:

  • Some one who lives in an apartment or high block of flats – easier to get up all the stairs! (When the mattress is new – as it comes rolled in a box. Not so easy to move once out of said box!)
  • If you have a bad back or tend to feel pain when lying flat on a hard surface like the floor.
  • If you suffer from allergies, the good news is this mattress is hypo-allergenic. This memory foam mattress features something called ‘Purotex’ – a 100% natural probiotic that combats dust mite allergens. 
  • Spare rooms or if you want to venture into your first memory foam mattress without splurging on a Tempur just yet!
  • Children – maybe you already have a memory foam mattress and your children want a mattress just like yours. The Silentnight 3 zone is an excellent first memory foam mattress.
The 3-zoned support system alleviates pressure across your shoulders, hips & lower back


This is an excellent purchase if you are considering switching from a spring mattress to a memory foam mattress. 

The price tag wont break the bank and the quality is high enough to get a fair amount of wear and use out of.

No, it wont last forever and the longevity and overall quality is not quite as advanced as the the Simba, casper and Tempur memory foam qualities, but for the price, you are getting a lot of value for money. 

9. Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring Mattress

Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring Mattress

This mattress offers a good firm support from the open child springs, with the added comfort from  a layer of reflex foam. 

This is on both sides so the mattress can be flipped and there are convenient handles to help with this.

We like the air vents for breath-ability, which helps the mattress to maintain a steady temperature, ad for you to not overheat.

Best For:

  • People who prefer a firm nights sleep.
  • If you have back pain, sleeping on a firm surface can help. (This doesn’t work for everyone but is the general consensus.
  • A good all rounder, a single version of this mattress is good for a childs first bed or a teenager and will last for many years. 
Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring, Happy Beds Super Ortho Medium Firm Tension Mattress with Reflex Foam - 4ft6


This is a robust feeling mattress with many of the additional qualities that you get with mattresses of £500+.

It is built to last and is extremely comfortable and supportive, if you like a medium firm mattress.

This ‘Happy Beds’ mattress is a good allrounder that will withstand being slept on every night. (Whereas some mattresses under £200 tend to not be as robust or long lasting.)

10. Summerby Sleep Mattresses No.1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

I would definitely consider buying one of the Summerby mattresses as a spare room mattress or recommend to a family member as a good budget main mattress.

All of the mattresses are under £200, I love their simple system of different options, simply called Sleep No.1 through to Sleep No.6.

They can offer a more tailored type of mattress to you, instead of a ‘one mattress fits all’ type.

What are the differences between them?

Summerby Sleep No.1

  • Coil spring and memory foam (the open standard type of springs).
  • This is the cheapest of the mattresses – at under £100 for a double mattress the last time I checked.
  • Very springy compared to other mattresses – if you want a more traditional feeling springy mattress, this would be ideal.
  • It has a soft, breathable cover, two memory foam layers, tempered steel coils and a felt pad for even insulation.

Summerby Sleep No.3

  • The slightly more money for the No.3 mattress gets you pocket springs and two layers of memory foam.
  • The more advance supportive pocket springs mean the mattress is anti roll (so if you and your partner are in bed, you’re not going to roll into each other in a dip at the centre of the mattress.
  • Summerby offer a 10 year guarantee on this mattress – which means is has to be high quality to last that long.
  • At under £200 for a double mattress, with free delivery, this is a very good buy.
  • Not too firm, not to squishy with the supportive memory foam.

Summerby Sleep No.4

  • With each price increase, you get more features for your money. The No.4 mattress is still under £200 however.
  • This mattress has pocket springs also, and two layers of memory foam, for extra comfort. One of the layers is a ‘Revo cooling foam’ which increases airflow – making this mattress cooler to sleep on that the No.3.
  • The top of this mattress has a unique ‘pillow top’ design, (it looks like a mattress topper sewn into the mattress. For superior comfort and body moulding properties.

Summerby Sleep No.5

  • The Summerby No. 5 mattress has the same supportive pocket springs and pressure relieving memory foam.
  • With the addition of a ventilation mesh border, around the top section of the mattress – the pillow top adds comfort and results in a cooler mattress.
  • The pillow top section is also the thickest of all the mattresses.
  • Again, a 10 year guarantee and free delivery on this mattress.
  • Made in Great Britain, like all Summerby mattresses.
  • The double mattress is only just under the £200 mark. But really does offer more than most mattresses for the money.
  • Very comfortable and high quality.
  • The best mattress that is not a pure memory foam, that Summerby make.

Summerby Sleep No.6

  • The No.6 mattress is different from the others as it is purely a memory foam mattress.
  • It is like a budget version of a Tempur mattress with no springs at all.
  • The layers are a standard memory foam layer, a revo cooling foam layer and the bottom largest layer which makes up the bulk of the mattress – ergonomic support foam.
  • The mattress has a breathable cover and temperature control – so you won’t over heat on the foam.
  • This mattress is best for people who suffer from aches and pains when lying on a standard mattress – (like I did.)
  • The solid memory foam helps to realign your body perfectly and take away pressure points.
  • Made in the UK, like all Summerby products.
  • This mattress is the only one with a removable and washable cover.
  • Despite being the highest number in the series, this mattress is cheaper than the No. 5 mattress above.

Best budget mattress overall

Inofia 3D 7 Zone Support Pocket Sprung Mattress

Has to go to the Inofia 3D mattress. 

This mattress has it all. If you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, this mattress will offer you enough support and comfort without breaking the bank.

There are 7 zones of support, designed for different areas of your body like shoulder, back and knees. 

The company Infofia offer a 100 day money back guarantee, (this does involve you returning the item), but this extra piece of mind means that you can buy from the internet with more confidence. 

The springs are individual pocket ones, to offer more support and to guarantee that the mattress will last longer. (It is supposed to last for 10 years, guaranteed!)