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Hyde & Sleep Next-Gen Memory Foam Mattress

This sleep memory foam mattress is medium soft, making it strong enough to keep you lifted and supported during your rest but still with enough comfort that you won’t feel as if you are sleeping on a very hard surface. Made by Hyde & Sleep, it offers a memory foam that has additional ventilation so that you don’t need to worry about feeling stuffy during the night due to lack of airflow.Hyde & Sleep Next-Gen Memory Foam Mattress


  • This mattress is very soft and will allow users to wake up without pain in their bones or in their joints.
  • Although it boasts a lot of memory foam, it still has enough latex in it to support people so that they don’t feel as if the bed is too soft. The cover on the mattress is not only breathable but also soft for added comfort.
  • It comes with a 10-year guarantee, which ensures that it will last for a long time.


While this mattress does offer more support than the average soft mattress, it is not supportive enough if you suffer from continued pain. Over time, the mattress will begin to sag in the middle and this can result in the user rolling in and then waking with very stiff and sore joints and muscles. While the moulding memory foam is comfortable for most people, those with chronic pain will find that they need more support from their mattresses in order to get a great night’s sleep.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Hyde & Sleep Next-Gen Memory Foam Mattress, UK Double

This mattress is ideal for anyone who needs a little extra support while he or she sleeps so that he or she doesn’t wake up with sore joints. It is not strong enough to fully support someone with extreme back pain but does a great job supporting people who are very active, have to lift heavy objects for work, or find that very soft mattresses aren’t comfortable for them to sleep on.

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Wakefield Pocket Sprung Mattress – Medium

This pocket spring mattress by Wakefield offers a soft quilted top that encases a series of pocket springs. These springs are all individually wrapped, which will ensure that they offer a ton of support to the user. With thick memory foam to Wakefield Pocket Sprung Mattress -conform to the shape of the sleeper, it gives medium support through the night. Because of the combination of springs and memory foam, this mattress is able to stay cool and wick heat away from the person sleeping.


This is a very solid mattress that is still incredibly comfortable to use for long periods of time. Due to its construction, users can easily get in and out of bed without accidentally waking up anyone else who is asleep. There are handles on the side of the mattress, which makes it very easy to move and flip to ensure that it will last for a long time.


While Wakefield claims that this mattress is a medium firmness, many people complain that it is too soft. It can be very difficult to sleep on your side with a softer mattress and this one tends to be a little uncomfortable for side sleepers. Other issues include it not offering enough support and waking up with whole body aches after sleeping on it.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Wakefield Pocket Sprung Mattress - Whats inside

If you suffer from back pain but like to sleep on your back, then this is a good mattress for you. It’s best for those who need a little help staying cool in the night as the pockets help to keep air circulating around the body. In addition, anyone who is looking for a mattress that will not only support but mould to the body will do well with this one from Wakefield as it conforms to the shape of the user yet offers some support.


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Casper Premium Memory Foam Rolled MattressCasper Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

Casper consistently produces high-quality mattresses and this one is no different. It is filled with foam that will relieve the pressure of the body while sleeping and has a top layer specifically designed to be breathable to improve comfort during the night. While some mattresses are only great for people who sleep a specific way, this one works for all kinds of sleepers due to the strength of the memory foam. Although packed with foam, it still remains a little bouncy and springy, which many find very comfortable.


While many memory foam mattresses feel dense, this one has a lot of bounce and support to it. It offers great support during the night and the breathable fabric ensures that users won’t wake up sweaty. With a zip-on cover that can easily be removed to be washed, it’s easy to keep this mattress clean. The memory foam is so strong that no amount of tossing and turning will wake up your partner.


This mattress is very firm and won’t appeal to some people. Additionally, it may begin to lose its support quickly and this will require it to be rotated and flipped more regularly, which is difficult due to its weight. Some users report that they experience back pain with this mattress, which may be because it is so supportive and doesn’t move with the body the way that softer memory foam tends to.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Whats inside the Casper Mattress

This mattress is great if you share a bed with someone and sleep in different positions as it offers support and comfort no matter how you sleep. It’s also great for warmer environments as it works to keep users cool during the night. People who suffer from chronic back pain will love the support that this mattress gives and it will help to keep the body straight during the night, which will work to relieve some of the pain.

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The Simba Hybrid MattressThe Simba Mattress

This mattress from Simba is a fascinating combination of memory foam and two and a half thousand conical pocket springs. This combination means that it offers not just support but also the movement and moulding that many people crave from their mattresses. It works on all bed bases and the pocket springs work to keep the user cool. The springs also work to minimise movement transfer by pivoting in their pockets when someone rolls over and will keep you from waking up your partner in the middle of the night.


It’s hard to make a mattress that is firm but still soft enough to be comfortable but Simba has done it with this mattress. The unique combination of springs and memory foam ensures that you are comfortable and supported during the night and keeps you from sinking into the bed or disturbing your partner. Although the top is memory foam, it is cool enough that you won’t sweat during the night.


This mattress is not a great choice for people who are used to sleeping on very soft mattresses as it is very firm and can be too hard for some people. Users who have in the past slept on soft or medium-firmness mattresses will often wake up with hip or lower back pain because they are not used to the firmness. It is a very large mattress and can be incredibly difficult to move or to rotate by yourself.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Whats inside the Simba Mattress

This mattress is a great choice for anyone who likes to sleep on firm mattresses and is looking for something that offers support as well as a little movement during the night. It helps out users who suffer from back and hip pain since it offers a firmer surface for them to sleep on and is great for combating long-term aches.

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Leesa Premium Foam MattressLeesa Premium Foam Mattress

With three layers of foam in this mattress, Leesa has worked hard to create a mattress that not only provides relief for joints and pressure points on the body but also enough core support that users experience a great night’s sleep. The top layer of foam allows for airflow, the middle contours to the body for pressure relief, and the bottom is the supportive layer to keep the mattress firm.


The top layer of foam is thin enough to keep cool but deep enough to offer a snug night’s sleep. Amazingly, even through the layers, it’s possible to feel the support from the bottom layer of foam. While it can be very easy to overheat during the night, this mattress’s unique combination of layers ensures that you won’t. It gives great support from head to toe and is incredibly comfortable.


Within a few months of owning this mattress, it is common for the sides to become much less supportive than the middle. This means that users tend to roll to the edge and feel as if they may fall off during the night. While the middle stays firm, this can be very uncomfortable as it is difficult to sleep on a mattress that is both firm and soft.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Whats inside the Leesa Mattress

Anyone who suffers from back or shoulder pain should buy this mattress as it is incredibly supportive. It has helped many people who deal with chronic pain wake up feeling rested and as if they are no longer hurting. Due to the way that it is constructed and the problems with the edges going soft, it’s a better choice for people who sleep on their own as they can stay in the middle of the mattress, which will decrease the possibility of the edges of the mattress going soft.

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Orchard Pocket Sprung Mattress – FirmOrchard Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

The Dreams Orchard mattress is a great mattress that is incredibly firm due to 1000 pocket springs but has enough filling and is hand-tufted to ensure that the user is comfortable during the night. It offers deep upholstery throughout the mattress to maximise support and comfort and the damask cover on the mattress is very soft and luxurious. It’s double-sided so that it can easily be flipped and still be as comfortable as the first night you used it.


While it may take getting used to if you have slept on soft mattresses in the past, it is firm enough to offer amazing support. Instead of waking up with aches and pains, users find that they can go to bed sore in the evening and get out of bed feeling refreshed and without any pain. While it is very firm, the layers of upholstery ensure that it is still comfortable to use night after night.


Depending on the size of your frame, the mattress may not fit correctly, which is very frustrating. Some users have experienced severe neck pain, dizziness, and eye pain due to how firm the mattress is and worry about nerve compression. It’s difficult for side sleepers to use this mattress because it is so uncomfortable for these users and can cause pain the hips and in the knees.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Whats inside a Dreams Mattress

This mattress is great for people who already love the feel of a firm mattress as it may otherwise be too uncomfortable and too firm. It is perfect for people who sleep on their backs and tend to wake up or deal with back pain during the day as the firm surface will support all of the spine and keep it from getting out of alignment during the night, which will decrease pain during the day.

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Silentnight Ashridge Mirapocket Mattress – FirmSilentnight Ashridge Mirapocket Mattress - Firm

Silentnight consistently create amazing mattresses that are packed with memory foam as well as individual pocket springs. Each of the pockets has its own different housing that will keep users from waking others up during the night and allows the mattress to help spread out your weight. By spreading out weight, there is a decreased chance of dealing with painful pressure points. Additionally, the memory foam top will mould to the shape of the user and help to cushion painful joints.


This mattress is perfect for anyone who has back problems as all of the pocket springs work together to ease back pain and decrease the pressure put on joints and on the vertebrae of the spine. Instead of feeling as if you are sinking into your mattress, you will feel enveloped by the memory foam and then gently supported by the springs. Together, this creates a perfect surface for most people to sleep on.


While there are a number of pocket springs in this mattress that should help with heat retention, the memory foam layer is very hot and can make it difficult for people to sleep. Some mattresses have problems with the springs being defective and collapsing during use, which means that the user doesn’t have any support and will wake up with sore muscles and joints.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Silentnight Ashridge Mirapocket Mattress - Firm

Due to the heat of the memory foam and the support offered by the springs, this mattress is ideal for anyone who is usually cool at night and needs support from his or her mattress to wake up without pain. It generally does a great job relieving pain in the hips and back. Users who need extra support but crave the comfort of memory foam will find that this is a good compromise between the two types of mattresses.

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TheraPur ActiGel Tranquil 800 Divan Bed – MediumTheraPur ActiGel Tranquil 800 Divan Bed - Medium

TheraPur has created an ActiGel mattress that offers incredible support all night long due to a two-centimetre-thick layer of ActiGel. This gel doesn’t just conform to the body; it also offers superior ventilation and breathability. Beneath the ActiGel are pocket springs that provide a lot of support to the sleeper while still allowing him or her to move comfortably during the night without waking up anyone else who is sharing the bed.


While firmer than many medium mattresses, this one is a great choice for people who want the comfort of a built-in top with the support of springs. It’s ideal for people who don’t like sleeping on memory foam and helps to improve sleep patterns by allowing users to stay asleep for the whole night. The comfort e of ActiGel helps people stay asleep and ensures that they won’t wake up uncomfortable in the morning.


While the mattress feels springy at first due to the layer of ActiGel on the top of the mattress, once the body has settled in and weighed down the mattress, it is very uncomfortable to sleep on the springs. Additionally, the gel layer is very hot and causes users to sweat a lot during the night. Once the mattress has been slept on for a while, it tends to sag and not offer as much support.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?TheraPur ActiGel Tranquil 800 Divan Bed

This is a great choice for anyone who wants the comfort of memory foam but craves support as well. The springs are strong enough to keep the body in one position during the night and offer support and structure so that the joints aren’t uncomfortable. It’s a great mattress for anyone who suffers from neck or hip pain but who doesn’t want a totally firm mattress that isn’t soft to sleep on.

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Sealy Pocket Prestige 2800 Mattress – Medium Soft

This Sealy mattress is packed full of pocket springs with the king having 2,800. They are each in individual fabric pockets and are spread out across the mattress for great support and limited noise during the night. Each spring moves independently to offer support and reduce pressure points. The springs are encased with a dense polyethylene foam that runs to the edge of the mattress for a firm surface. The top of the mattress has a soft fabric that breathes and wicks away sweat.


This mattress is incredibly firm, thanks to all of the individual pocket springs, but not uncomfortable to sleep on because of the dense foam. While traditional spring beds are noisy and can hurt pressure points during the night, this mattress is soft enough that users wake up feeling refreshed and without any pain. It’s an extra-deep mattress that distributes the weight of all users.


Due to the amount of springs and dense foam, this mattress is very heavy and incredibly difficult to lift and move even with help. Some gel toppers on these mattresses have failed, which results in the person sleeping finding that he or she is rolling to the edge of the mattress. This is uncomfortable and can cause back pain as well as make the person wake up during the night.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?Sealy Pocket Prestige 2800 Mattress - Medium Soft Close Up

Anyone who is looking for a lot of support in his or her mattress will love this one. Users extol it for helping to treat and minimise their back pain due to the support of the springs but still find it comfortable enough to sleep on for longer periods of time. This is a great choice for anyone who shares his or her bed, has a physically demanding job, or finds that he or she usually wakes up with a sore back or legs after sleeping on a softer mattress.

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TEMPUR CoolTouch Cloud Elite Mattress – MediumTEMPUR CoolTouch Cloud Elite Mattress - Medium

Tempur has made this mattress with layers of supportive materials covered in a patented material that will help to keep users cool during the night. With a durable base, support material, and then the extra-soft material on top, users will get the support as well as the comfort that they need from their mattresses. The layers work together to redistribute body weight during the night while helping to limit the amount of pressure placed on joints.


While other mattresses that are packed with supportive layers such as this one tend to be very hot and uncomfortable, this mattress has the top cover that works very well to keep people cool during the night. Not only is it supportive, comfortable, and cool but it reduces the pressure on pressure points and joints and helps people wake up without any pain.


Whats inside the Tempur mattress

Users who sleep better on firmer mattresses will likely find that this one is too soft and doesn’t offer the  rigidity that they are used to.

The mattress has no springs and is designed to hold the body in one position – some people my find this too confining.

Who Should Buy This Mattress?

This mattress is perfect for anyone who loves the feel of memory foam but can’t sleep on it because of how hot it gets. Tempur has created a mattress that does a great job keeping people cool while they sleep but still offering the comfort of foam. The foam will return to its previous shape once someone moves, which allows for superior support as the mattress does not compress. While it will mould to the body, it will regain its original shape for maximum comfort.

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