Best Memory Foam Mattress 2023 UK

Researching the best memory foam mattress took a lot of time and effort, I have included all of my research about memory foam mattresses here in this review and explored some of the top contenders for the best memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses have really taken off massively in the last few years… And with good reason.

Many people suffer from bad backs, aches and pains and have trouble getting a sound nights sleep.

Sound familiar?

When you sleep on an ordinary sprung mattress, each movement reverberates through the mattress and aids in waking you up just a little. Repeat this a hundred times throughout the night and you being to see why you haven’t been feeling refreshing in the morning.

What a memory foam mattress does and why so many people are making the switch to memory foam over traditional springs is that they conform to, and cushion every part of your body at all times.

This may sound obvious, but the memory foam creates a complete area of contact with every crevice and extremity of your body and creates the perfect amount and shape of support to hold you in that position for as long as you want to stay there.

People sleeping on memory foam mattresses tend to wake up less during the night and tend to have less aches and pains due to the natural spine alignment that happens from being fully supported by your mattress.

Speaking from experience and having switched to memory foam, I can safely say I will not be going back to a spring mattress any time soon.

The purpose of this article is to save you from having to spend a lot of time reading and researching like I did!

Casper Premium Memory Foam Mattress Casper Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

Casper is a relatively new name to the mattress world, however they have created a storm and are rising in popularity every day.

Why is this?

Casper are producing high quality memory foam rolled mattresses, they are delivered in box and once opened, magically open up to their full capacity.

They have designed a mattress to suit anyone and everyone.

There are four unique layers to a Casper mattress.

  1. An open cell comfort layer – this helps with air flow and to regulate temperature to keep you cool.
  2. The high density memory foam – provides all the support and pressure relief.
  3. A layer of support foam adds another layer of long lasting durability.
  4. The final layer – the woven cover is breathable, flexible and resilient again damage, pulls and general wear and tear.

There has been extensive testing done by Casper, using real people who gave real feedback, over 100 different configurations or mattress were created and tested until the found the perfect formula.

What is unique about Casper?

Casper make one mattress that is designed to be the perfect mattress. They are a simple, straight talking company who sell directly to the customer, instead of through third parties. – This means they can offer a premium quality mattress at a fraction of the price as they are effective ‘cutting out the middle man’ in mattress sales.

Are there any cons?

The only real downside to this mattress is that you can’t try it in a shop before you buy it.

Casper do offer a 100 day free return policy though, so if you are not happy with it, you can return it.

Whats inside the Casper Mattress

This is just a bit of a pain to go through but it is the only way that Casper can operate in order to pass the discount onto the customer.


The Casper mattress is a premium memory foam mattress, if feels beautifully made and extremely high quality.

It is more costly that the average spring mattress, but you have so many more benefits for comfort and support.

Casper offer free delivery and a 100 night free return guarantee, so you don’t have to worry too much about buying something you haven’t yet tried.
(We also review the mattress in a lot more detail on our Casper Mattress Review page)


The Simba Hybrid MattressThe Simba Mattress

The Simba mattress is a fairly similar concept to the Casper mattress, it is slightly more expensive, but is made up of a different composition of materials.
The ordering process is the same, you buy online, the mattress is delivered compressed and rolled into a box.

So what is unique about the Simba mattress?

The Simba sees the addition of 2500 conical pocket springs which form an extra layer of support, they move in every direction for the ultimate support.

The addition of these springs made the Simba the first dual spring and memory foam mattress of its kind.

Whats inside the Simba Mattress

There are a total of five layers within the Simba mattress.

  1. A hypoallergenic sleeping surface
  2. A layer of ‘Simbatex’ – which is a unique breathable synthetic latex developed to give all the support you need.
  3. 2500 pocketed springs – for that extra bounce that is sometimes missing from memory foam mattresses.
  4. A viscoelastic memory foam which adapts to your every curve.


EVE Memory Foam Mattress

The EVE mattress is quite similar to the Simba and the Casper mattresses.

It comes delivered rolled in a box and is made from the same sort of composition as the Casper and the Simba.

EVE Memory Foam Mattress, Small Double

There are three main layers:

  1. Contouring memory foam – this gives the mattress that lovely soft feeling. The layer that contours to your body.
  2. Breathing cooling layer – helps to keep you from overheating!!
  3. Supportive base layer – gives all the right support and give the mattress its long lifespan.

What is unique about EVE mattresses?

The Eve has been extensively tested for years and is guaranteed to last for 10 years of use.

Like the Simba and the Casper, it is cheaper than a Tempur mattress. Eve offer a free returns window, where you can have the mattress collected from your door if you are not happy with it.

A unique thing about the Eve mattress is that you can use it on any bed base type, divan, slat or sprung slatted or the floor.

EVE Memory Foam Mattress, Small Double Comfortable Mattress

Who is it suitable for?

Someone who wants to improve their sleep quality and body alignment in bed. The Eve is ideal if you don’t have a huge budget for a mattress but want something of superior quality that is going to last a very long time.

How does it feel?

This is quite a firm mattress considering it is memory foam. This is not to say it is not comfortable, but it is quite a lot firmer to lie on that a Tempur or Casper for example.

Tempur Cool Touch Cloud Elite Mattress

TEMPUR CoolTouch Cloud Elite Mattress - Medium

Tempur have been the log reigning champions of the memory foam mattress.

They set the standard extremely high for premium mattresses, with luxurious materials and a magical  feeling of weightlessness when you lie on one.

The Tempur Cool Touch is specially designed for people who get hot in the night. It is an advanced version of the original cloud elite. With extra special properties for a cool feeling that lasts all night.

Personally, we own a Tempur that doesn’t have the Cool Touch technology and have not found it to be hot at all.

This mattress guarantees you won’t wake up in a sweat.

There are 4 main layers to the Tempur Elite:

  1. A unique ‘QuickRefresh’ soft material top, which has a zipper, to easily remove the top layer for washing. (Ideal for allergy sufferers.)
  2. A 7cm layer of extra soft Tempur material for a beautiful padded finish.
  3. A 7cm support memory foam layer, which offers support but also comfort.
  4. The main 11cm body is Tempur material, which absorbs your weight and distributes it evenly so you have no pressure areas. It is long lasting and guaranteed to last for 10 years.

What is unique about the Tempur Cloud?

The Tempur Cloud is made from advanced materials that absorb all reverberation and movement. You are much less likely to wake your partner up if you toss and turn in the night.

The inside of a Tempur mattress is made up of complex micro fibres that contract and absorb when weight is applied. They slowly expand to create a supportive base that is countered to your body.

Whats inside the Tempur mattress

When you get off the Tempur mattress it quickly expands back up to its original shape.

There are four main types of Tempur mattress:

  1. Tempur Contour – This mattress gives a firmer feel, more like the EVE mattress, ideal for people who don’t like to feel absorbed in the mattress.
  2. Tempur Sensation – Offers complete comfort but is specially designed to make moving around easier when in bed. Ideal if you struggle to turn over in the night.
  3. Tempur Hybrid –  Combines traditional Tempur materials and comfort with an additional layer of pocketed springs. These springs make the mattress feel more responsive to your movement and allow you to move around much easier.
  4. Tempur Cloud – This is the softest and most cushioned mattress by Tempur, it envelops your body and is makes you feel weightless.

We chose to include the Tempur Cloud in our top memory foam mattresses as the whole concept of memory foam is support and comfort.
We feel that the Tempur Cloud offers the most comfortable nights sleep and countours perfectly to your body for the ultimate support.

Emma Original Double Mattress

The Emma mattress is similar to the Tempur mattress, just cheaper.

It is made of nothing but layers of foam, each offering differing properties and benefits.

It is quite firm, for a memory foam mattress. So if you prefer a mattress that is not too squidgy, the Emma one might be best for you.

There are 4 main layers:

  • A climate regulating top cover, this helps to circulate air, as the memory foam can hold onto body heat.
  • A point-elastic Airgocell foam – this is an open pore type of foam, specially developed to mould to your body, whilst still allowing air circulation.
  • A pressure relieving viscounts elastic memory foam. This is the layer that offers pressure relief to your extremities and support to your spine.
  • The main thick layer of the mattress is made of a polyurethane foam – this is what absorbs the shape of your body as it is a deep and softer layer of foam.

What is unique about the Emma mattress?

It is a fantastic price for an advanced memory foam mattress.

The quality is high, this is evident in the materials and feel of the mattress.

It is ideal for side, back or front sleepers, and the firmness of the memory foam means you won’t sink in to the mattress.

Emma mattresses come with a 200 day trial period, over half a year! For you to get to grips with your mattress.

It can take up to 4 weeks for your body to fully adjust to sleeping on a new mattress, so you get try it out and make your mind up at home.

200 days is very generous and means your money is safe, even if you change your mind after a couple of months!

Emma mattresses come in the following sizes; singe, double, small double, king and super king.

The super king size is still cheaper than a double sized Tempur mattress!

This mattress has been decorated with awards and praise from Good Housekeeping Institute, The Independent, Ideal Home and INewspaper.


The Emma mattress feels quite similar to the Eve mattress. It leans towards the firmer side.

Don’t be put off by how it looks when it is first delivered and unrolled, it takes a little while to fully expand.

If you are looking for a mattress under £500 that is going to help with aching joints or a bad back, this mattress is probably going to help you out!


It is difficult to choose the single best memory foam mattress, after all, much of the decision is down to price for many people.

Tempur certainly win hands down for creating the ultimate mattress of comfort that are best suited to your needs, they have four major types of mattress, (Contour, Sensation, Hybrid and Cloud). Each of these mattress names are also available as a Luxe, Elite and Supreme level. There are a few small changes between each level. Tempur have also introduced the ‘Cool Touch’ technology now, so this is a further way to personalise your premium mattress.

Everything about Tempur represents the highest quality, but of course, there is a higher price to pay.

If money if not a factor in choosing a mattress, we would absolutely say the Tempur is best, you can literally create your perfect dream mattress.

If pricing is a major factor in the choice of the best memory foam mattress, we would go with the Simba Mattress.

The Simba has been extensively tested and will guarantee you have a wonderful nights sleep time and time again.

It costs less that half of a Tempur mattress, and of course, there are some elements which are going to be different.

For quality and style, you are getting much for your money.

Of course, the design is more limited and you cannot guarantee that the mattress will be perfect for you as Simba have designed and sell the perfect ‘one mattress fits all’ type of mattress – like Casper and EVE.

The technology and testing behind this mattress however, is extensive. They are so confident you will love their mattress that will collect it from you and give you a refund if you’re not happy.