Best Type of Bed Sheets for Summer

Nothing ruins a beautiful hot summer more than those restless humid nights spent tossing and turning until the alarm goes off and it’s time to get up for work.

You’ve tried it all. You’ve got fans plugged into every socket, a wet flannel plastered to your forehead and you ditched the duvet cover weeks ago.

But none of it seems to be working!

So, what can you do?

Well, one thing you might not realise is your sheets can play a big part in how hot you feel during the night.

Natural is best

The best kind of sheets for summer will encourage good circulation, absorb sweat throughout the night and wick away moisture to be released back into the air.

Sheets made from natural fibres are ideal as they can do all of these things and more.

But there are all different types of natural sheets to choose from.


Cotton is one of the best types of sheets you can get for the summer season.

Because Cotton sheets are great at absorbing and wicking away moisture during the night, as well as being soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

For best results, stick to a low thread count, no more than 200-300 to encourage airflow when you sleep.

Jersey cotton

Jersey cotton sheets are 100% cotton, making them really absorbable during those sweaty nights and helping you stay cool.

The soft and cosy texture of Jersey material will also keep you warm during the winter too, so you don’t have to worry about buying different sheets for every season.

We recommend this set of 100% cotton Jersey sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: “This bedsheet has revolutionised my sleeping game! I now get a satisfactory 8 hours of shut eye every night.

Percale Cotton

If you are looking for a less expensive option, then percale sheets made with a mix of cotton and polyester are one of the best-rated types of sheets for summertime.

Percale is less tightly woven than other cotton sheets, making them more breathable.

We love these Divine Textiles percale cotton sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: Perfect and fitted the mattress perfectly and is nice and comfortable in the hot and cold weather.


Bamboo is a popular choice for sweaty sleepers because as well as being light-weight and absorbent, they are also antibacterial which make them a great hygienic choice too.

So, Bamboo sheets are not only soft and cool to the touch, but they are more durable than cotton sheets too. 

If you suffer from sweating during the night, consider these bamboo sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: I tend to overheat at certain points on the calendar… I bought the bamboo fitted sheets and pillowcases and left my duvet cover cotton. What a difference! I still get hot, but no longer drenched and uncomfortable.

Tencel Tree Silk

For those interested in cooling sheets that are more economical, then Tencel sheets are the better option.

The process for extracting Tencel from eucalyptus trees is less harsh than the extraction method for bamboo and uses a significant amount of less water in the process than cotton.

Like bamboo, Tencel is breathable and antibacterial so a really good option for those who find themselves breaking out into a sweat during the night.

We love these luxury 100% Tencel sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: “Silkiest bedding I have ever slept on! I had a super comfortable sleep; they are great if you are a hot sleeper. Worth every penny!


Though linen can be more expensive than some other naturally cool sheets on the market, they are made to last longer.

Linen helps to wick away moisture better than any other natural fibre, preventing you from waking up feeling hot and clammy.

As flax linen fibres are hollow, linen is much more breathable and cooler than some other natural fibres too. 

We’re a big fan of these high-quality linen sheets by Simple & Opulence.  

What reviewers had to say: “Simply great quality, wonderful feeling linen. Well worth the expense.”


If you’re looking for a more man-made solution, then some microfibre sheets might be good for sweaty sleepers.

Lightweight microfibre can be a good synthetic option and will usually be more affordable than sheets made from natural fibres.

Whilst microfibres are known to trap heat, manufacturers are always inventing new ways to work around these problems.

Microfibres are also great at wicking away moisture, so if you find yourself sweating during the night, then they are worth considering as an affordable solution.

These Sonia Moer temperature-regulating microfibre sheets are worth a try!

What reviewers had to say: “Holds its quality and colour too. I find it cosy in winter and in summer, somehow, it wicks heat away.”

What to avoid

If you are a hot sleeper who suffers through the summer months, then you should avoid synthetic sheets as best as you can.

Whilst some microfibre sheets can help with sweating, other synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon are unable to wick away moisture and are known to trap heat during the night.

Silk is also a big no-no for those that feel the heat more than others.

Whilst silk may initially seem cool to the touch, it is made from a tightly woven weave that traps body heat inside the material.

These sheets might be good for keeping you cosy during the winter months, but they aren’t going to do you any favours when there is a heatwave.


Overall, you can’t go wrong with natural fibre sheets and they will be your safest bet when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep during the summer months.  

Cotton sheets are great at absorbing and wicking away moisture, whilst bamboo and Tencel are antibacterial as well as good for the environment.

Though linen sheets can be expensive, they are durable, and their hollow fibres help encourage circulation.

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