Best Type of Bed Sheets for Winter

You shouldn’t be going BRRRR every time you climb into your bed this winter!

If you’re putting on extra socks and wrapping yourself up like a burrito during the night but you still feel the cold, it may have something to do with your sheets.

Many people don’t realise that the sheets we choose can have a big impact on how hot or cold we feel during the night.

So, what kind of sheets will stop your linen from feeling like it has just come out of the freezer in wintertime?


Flannel sheets have to be one of our top choices for those frosty winter nights.

The softest and cosiest type of flannel is made from 100% cotton and you will find that pyjamas are often made from this material.

Not only will flannel make you feel like you are wrapped up in a cosy cuddle, because this material is breathable, hot sleepers should feel warm without overheating.

We’re a big fan of these AmigoZone flannel sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: Can’t believe the difference! Soft and warm when getting into bed, feels like a hug yet doesn’t get too warm during the night.”


You might be surprised to see silk on this list since silk is known to be cool to the touch.

However, silk is one of the best materials when it comes to keeping you warm.

Silk is tightly woven which helps it retain heat and hold close to the body, creating an insulating effect that traps your body heat inside the sheets with you.  

Silk also has great moisturising properties which help to repair damaged split ends and skin.

So, for those who get dry skin during the winter months or suffer from bedhead every morning, then silk is a great choice.

Pair your silk sheets with silk pillowcases and pyjamas, and you’ll find yourself waking up from a sleep fit for a queen.   

We love these luxurious mulberry silk sheets on Amazon.

What reviewers had to say: This flat sheet is divine! So worth the splurge. You will sleep like a lamb. Also keeps the heat in.”


Fleece has to be one of the toastiest materials to keep you warm at night.

Made from a combination of thick threads of wool, cotton or synthetic fibres, fleece will help to keep body heat insulated during your sleep.

There are different types of fleece available for your sheets, from polar fleece to the increasingly popular teddy fleece.

For those who feel extra cold during the winter months, fleece is a great choice.

If you are prone to sweating and overheating during the night, then it’s probably best to avoid fleece which isn’t able to wick away moisture like some other options.

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What reviewers had to say: There is nothing better than this for a winter sleep in heat and luxury. You will not use as much heating in the winter it literally heats you and the room.”

Jersey Cotton

Jersey cotton is a fantastic material for those who want to feel warm during the night without overheating. Jersey cotton is breathable and helps to wick away moisture during the night, so if you are prone to sweating all-year round, then these sheets would be ideal.

The cosy texture of this material helps to keep you warm during the night without breaking out into a sweat.

If you still feel too cold on Jersey cotton sheets, then consider pairing them with a duvet with a higher tog.

These Jersey cotton sheets on Amazon are really popular.

What reviewers had to say: “Finally I don’t have to scream when getting into bed. This sheet is really nice and warm, even in a cold room.”

Should I use an electric blanket?

If you feel particularly cold during the winter season, it may be worth considering an electric blanket.

Electric blankets can make a huge difference to chilly sheets and have you feeling warm as toast in no time.

Pop your blanket on for 5-10 minutes before bed and you should notice an instant difference!

Just remember that if you have a memory foam mattress, an electric blanket will soften the foam whilst it is on, as memory foam softens with heat.

What to Avoid

If you are the type of person that feels the cold, then we would recommend avoiding natural fibre sheets during the winter which help to keep you cool.

Cotton, linen, and bamboo sheets are good for drawing heat away from the body and releasing it back into the air, which making them ideal for those warmer summer months, but not so great in the frosty holiday season when body heat plays a key role in keeping you warm.

Synthetic materials tend to be better for winter, or tightly woven natural fibres that are designed to retain body heat during the night.


Flannel sheets are ideal for the winter months and can help you feel warm and cosy whilst also offering good circulation.  

If you find the winter season has a big effect on your skin and hair, then silk is going to do you wonders as well as keeping you warm during the night.

Those that feel the cold more than others should consider fleece sheets, whilst hot sleepers should feel comfortable on Jersey cotton sheets all-year round. 

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