Can You Wash a Tempur Mattress Cover

Congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic choice of mattress and are finally getting a good night’s sleep.

But now your concern is how to take care of your Tempur mattress to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

The good news is that Tempur mattresses come with a removable cover that can either be washed or aired clean, which can help to improve its lifespan.

Can you wash a Tempur mattress cover?

Whether you can wash your Tempur mattress cover depends on the type of cover you have.

Tempur foam material cannot be washed as this can cause damage to the material and void your guarantee.

Most textile covers can be removed and washed, but if your Tempur cover is made with the special Tempur foam material then instead of giving it a wash, you can air it out to help remove any moisture build-up.

How do I know what kind of Tempur mattress cover I have?

Don’t worry! It’s easy to find out what cover you have and if you can wash your Tempur cover.

Simply check the label on the inside of the cover which will give you information on how to care for and clean the cover.

If you no longer have the label or for any reason are unable to read the instructions, then contact Tempur or the retailer you bought the mattress from, who can advise whether your mattress cover contains the Tempur foam material.

How to wash a QuickRefresh™ cover

QuickRefresh™ covers do not contain Tempur foam material and can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

They should be washed up to a maximum of 60°C and then be left to line-dry completely before being put back onto your mattress.

This will also allow your mattress time to breathe and remove any moisture build-up.

Always check the label of the cover before washing and ensure you are following the correct procedure for your cover.

Although it is safe to wash these types of covers, you should also note that they are treated with PCM (Phase Changing Materials) which help to regulate temperature. If you wash your Tempur cover too much, then the PCM will lose some of its effectiveness.

How can I keep my non-washable Tempur cover clean?

Some Tempur covers contain Tempur foam material and cannot be washed like the QuickRefresh™ covers.

Since Tempur mattresses are made with bacterium reducing components, they stay cleaner for much longer than a regular mattress and do not need to be cleaned as often.

However, if you do have a cover made with Tempur foam material, such as the SoftTouch™ covers, then they can still be aired to help keep them fresh.

On a dry day, hang your cover on the line for a few hours to give your mattress and cover some breathing space and remove any moisture-build up.

How else can I help to keep my Tempur mattress and cover clean?

Tempur mattresses are designed to last 10 years and over that time sweat, oils and other kinds of bacteria will build up inside the mattress. It’s up to you to make sure it stays clean for as long as possible!

Good ventilation is key to having a healthy Tempur mattress. To help your Tempur mattress circulate air during the night, use a base with slats or ventilated platform top with castors.

We also recommend using a Tempur mattress protector on your mattress to help reduce bacteria build-up and protect your mattress and cover from accidental stains.

What to do if you stain your Tempur mattress cover?

Remove your Tempur mattress cover as quickly as possible before the stain seeps into the Tempur mattress.

If the stain is still wet, try blotting it with a dry towel and soaking up as much of the stain as you can before trying other solutions.

If you have a QuickRefresh™ cover, you can pop the cover in the washing machine up to 60°C to help remove the stain.

For other covers, use a damp but well-wrung cloth and carefully remove the stain as best you can.

If you cannot remove the stain, contact Tempur for further advice.

It may also be worth checking with the retailer you purchased the cover from to see if you have accidental insurance cover on your mattress.

Want more?

Remember to always check the product label or with the manufacturer before trying to clean your cover.

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