Casper Mattress Review (UK) – Are they any good?

The opportunity to sleep in a different bed is an exciting prospect for us as we have a vested interest in ‘all things mattress’.

The occasional night away in a hotel always begins with stripping off bedclothes to find the manufacturers details, and it usually ends with us reviewing the quality of our night’s sleep on the journey home!

A while ago we were delighted to have the opportunity for a weekend stay with some friends. Obviously, we were looking forward to some good food and great company. Moreover, we had learnt that they had recently taken delivery of a brand new Casper mattress and we were so excited to sleep on it and to discover more about a brand we were not very familiar with.

Time for a Casper Mattress review.

Being the fantastic friends that they are, they agreed to move into the guest room and give us their bed, all in the name of research you understand!

Before we look in detail at the Casper King UK mattress, let us share our sleeping experience after 2-nights, and those of our friends who have slept on it for around 3 months.

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Are Casper Mattresses any good?

In a word, yes.

We made a conscious decision not to read up on the mattress before we used it, all we were expecting was king size and memory foam.

One of us is a predominant side sleeper and the other tosses from side to back. We both slept well, very well, didn’t over heat, and didn’t disturb each other.

Neither of us felt restricted by the mattress, some memory foam styles tend to mould to the body and make turning over or getting up more awkward than it should be.

The greatest difference we found was I felt it was softer than our mattress whilst Niall found it quite firm. Confusing? Let us explain.

Overall, we had 2 restful night’s sleep and woke up refreshed. Then we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the price of a Casper mattress.

We were understandably eager to find out and share our friend’s views with you.

Time to replace a mattress?

We had owned a pocket sprung mattress and been happy with it for many years, we think at least 8 maybe 9, so it had served us well. For most of those years it was relatively firm, comfortable, and slept cool.

Then in recent months we found that one or the other of us would wake up with an ache or pain that we hadn’t gone to bed with. Originally we put it down to a busy lifestyle, but, even after lazy days we ached. It didn’t take us long to figure out that our old, slightly lumpy mattress was the culprit.

When we researched mattress health it didn’t surprise us to find out that The Sleep Council recommend changing a mattress every 7-8 years, so we were Mr and Mrs average.

Although we  changed our bed sheets regularly, flipped the mattress, and even gave it the occasional vacuum, it had reached the end of its life. Springs had begun to sink, causing dips in the mattress, and in a couple of places there were lumps.

I may have imagined it but my asthma symptoms seemed to have worsened, another sign that a mattress is past its prime. All of the dead skin cells and dust mites that have built up over the years can become irritants to allergy sufferers.

Time to hit a search engine.

Why did you choose the Casper mattress?

After much research we decided that a memory foam mattress would suit both of our needs and the Casper mattress offered a 100 day trial period.

However, we did have a couple of reservations.

  1. We had read many articles about memory foam forming a cradle around the body. Whilst this helps to align the spine and not cause friction with pressure points, we were concerned that it may feel too enclosed and restrictive.
  • Would a memory foam mattress be too soft and not offer much in the way of support?
  • Would the Casper mattress keep us too hot, and instead of enhancing our sleep, disturb it?
  • Could we use a memory foam mattress on our existing slatted bed base?

We discovered that the Casper mattress has an open cell top layer that sits above the actual memory foam layer. This prevents the constricting feeling that we were concerned about. It gives the mattress a comforting softness and a gentle bounce whilst not detracting from the support.

The open cell design allows free airflow to prevent over-heating, and might even keep us cooler.

Of the myriad of reviews that we read, the majority of users had a slatted bed base and had no issues whatsoever.

We went ahead and ordered a king size Casper Core Mattress.

Why choose Amazon for your Casper Mattress?

We are Amazon Prime members and therefore Amazon is our go to place for every online purchase. Often, as in this case, we can get a product cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer.

Delivery is free and we have had positive experiences with the delivery drivers, packaging, and returns.

When we saw that there may be a short wait we decided to pay £4.99 and choose a designated day for delivery.

The only downside was the drivers wouldn’t take the old mattress away. We paid £16 for a bulky waste collection from our local council. This was the charge for up to 3 large items.

Delivery was arranged and we were excited.

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How did everything go?

Perfectly. The new mattress arrived on time.

I was shocked by the size of the box. It was little more than 1 metre high and about half a

 metre wide. It was heavy too, around 100 lbs. I had read that the mattresses were vacuum packed but I had forgotten it would be rolled up. My error, it was written in plain sight. I was a little nervous, and expected a cot size mattress!

Unpackaging our Casper mattress

We remembered a helpful hint we had read on a review that suggested, if possible, to open the packaging and let the mattress reshape and air out in the room that it would be used in. Now we saw why, it was heavy and we didn’t want to have to manoeuvre it twice!

We opened the packaging, the box was easy and we were pleasantly surprised by the enclosed letter-opener style knife to cut the plastic and not damage the mattress. It then unfolded right before our eyes it began to expand.

We left it overnight as it was already evening. Within 4 or 5 minutes it looked in shape but we decided to give it the extra time to fully decompress.

Another concern had been the smell of a new mattress, with some people complaining of a sulphur-like odour. Thankfully, we didn’t get that. There definitely was a smell but it wasn’t particularly unpleasant and it was only mild. Think of ‘new car smell’ and you’ll be close. To be on the safe side, we left the window open to allow good ventilation.

We put the mattress onto our slatted bed base, luckily it has a raised lip so the mattress fitted in snugly and we wouldn’t have to worry about it sliding.

How did you find sleeping on a Casper mattress?

The first couple of nights felt strange. Not bad strange, just different. The mattress definitely felt softer than our old, lumpy, pocket sprung mattress.

I felt warm, originally I thought too warm. I was worried a little to begin with but then we realised something. I was mistaking heat for cosiness. I wasn’t too hot, I was just very snug.

We kept laughing at the slight bouncy feeling.

The smell was barely noticeable on the second night and had vanished by the third.

By day 3 or 4, we were looking forward to going back to bed at night before we had even got up!

And now, 3 months down the line, we officially love our mattress.

We had read of restorative benefits of a good mattress but had taken it with a pinch of salt. But, it’s true, aches and pains of the day are  usually resolved by sleeping. We can both honestly say that in 3 months, neither of us have felt a niggle or had an ache caused by our bed.

We feel supported the whole length of our bodies, without feeling like we are being swaddled, just comfortably held. We were concerned that we would turn over and the previous outline of our body would remain, making it awkward and uncomfortable. It doesn’t. The bed springs back to shape immediately until we reposition ourselves.

We both sleep soundly and don’t overheat. That was one of the biggest surprises, that we could feel so snug and still not get too hot.

My favourite thing about this mattress is no roll-together. The area around where you sleep dips slightly, where the memory foam supports your shoulders, hips, and spine. It happens to both of us,but neither dip touches the other, so we stay perfectly, comfortably separated on our own sides of the bed!

When one gets out of bed, the other doesn’t roll into their space we don’t even feel that they’ve left.

“Our old pocket sprung mattress reacted like a bouncy castle when the other moved”!

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are too numerous to count, but, each night after a long, comfortable sleep, we feel refreshed and ready to face the day‘s challenges.

The mattress is showing no signs of sagging, we rotated it a couple of weeks ago to maintain equal wear. It felt just as it does every night, comfortable and supportive.

And any new bed small has long since disappeared.

Did the mattress meet your expectations?

It exceeded them.

We had hoped for a mattress that was neither too hard nor too soft and hit the sweet spot for that.

We were dreading being hot and sweaty and that certainly didn’t happen.

Most of all we were concerned about the bed forming dips of our body shapes and not re-conforming. Three months down the line and our mattress has instant ‘bouncebackability’ and feels like new every night. No sags, no dips, and thankfully, no lumps.

Would you recommend a Casper mattress?

Definitely, and we have.

It is well priced when compared with its competitors, it comes with a 10 year guarantee, and the soft top layer makes you feel like you are sleeping amongst the clouds, whilst the memory foam gives you all the support you need.

We can’t imagine ever buying a different brand of mattress.

That is what our friends made of their mattress, I think we can safely say they are delighted with their purchase.

Now let us take a more in depth look at the mattress.

How is a Casper Mattress Made?

Each mattress is made from 4 different layers and enclosed in a thin, zipped lining that can be removed and machine washed.

Let’s take a look at the layers, beginning at the bottom;

  • The base is a 7” layer of durable, high density foam. It is the foundation layer of a supportive mattress as it is contour cut to keep the spine perfectly aligned.
  • The second layer up is known as the Transition Zone. It is 1.5” deep and is made from a poly foam. It is so-called as it makes the transition between the layers exceptionally smooth and comfortable. It also helps to distribute weight evenly and prevent roll together.
  • Next comes the 1.5” thick layer of memory foam. This is where the body-conforming and pressure-relief takes place.
  • Finally, the top layer is 1.5 inches of speciality poly foam, known as the Comfort Zone. Made from breathable, open-cell foam, it is responsive and helps the user to sleep cool. It also gives the bed a soft, springy quality that is reminiscent of latex mattresses.

Combining all 4 layers is how Casper have made the Essential mattress that offers all of the benefits of memory foam whilst enabling a cool, unrestricted night’s sleep.

Casper’s Warranty

Initially, Casper gave each customer a 40 trial period, if you didn’t like the mattress, send it back and incur no charges.

But this company believe in their product and back it to the hilt. The trial period has been extended to 100 days and the same applies. Return it if you’re not 100% happy.

This cover applies if you have ordered via Amazon, not directly from the manufacturer, just remember to fill in the enclosed warranty card immediately.

Each mattress also comes with a Limited 10 year Warranty, backed by excellent customer service.

Is a Casper Mattress safe?

Many mattresses give off a chemical type odour when first opened, some liken it to a sulphur smell others say it’s more plastic-y. This is usually caused by a chemical reaction from the chemicals in the glues etc. used in the manufacturing process. The professionals call it ‘off-gassing’

Every Casper mattress is CertiPur and OEKO-TEX certified which guarantees that they are safe and non-toxic.

Each of the foam used in construction is free from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, and all heavy metals.

Casper claim than less than 4% of its customers have noticed a smell.

In other words, Casper mattresses are healthy for you and safe for our environment.

Why should I buy a Casper Mattress?

Casper has invested millions into sleep technology and the perfect sleeping surface. Theirs findings have manifested themselves as the Casper Core Mattress – The Perfect One.

All anyone wants to know is that they are paying a good price for continued great night’s

sleep. And that is what Casper offer;


Superb 4 layer design ensures incredible comfort and unrivalled support. With no weight transfer, 2 people can sleep harmoniously without disturbing each other.

The additional comfort layer maintains this support while providing a softer and cooler sleep.

It is difficult to stay awake on a Casper mattress, they are so inviting and comfy. Improved sleep quality and no aches and pains is a very inviting proposition.

Design and Quality

Each layer is made of the safest, highest quality foams. From contour cutting  and open cell design, each layer is design to provide the coolest and most supportive sleep.

The mattress is easy to keep clean as the attractive cover zips off and is machine washable.

Value for money

Some of the competitors of the Casper mattress retail at an eye-watering high price. Casper falls into the moderate bracket and yet rivals the performance of the big boys.

With a 10 year limited warranty and a 100 day trial, this is a risk-free opportunity.


Ordering via Amazon is free delivery, a little more if you choose a designated time. It will be delivered to your door in a compact box and if you have a nice delivery driver, the offer of a cuppa might encourage him to carry it into the bedroom for you.


Only time will tell but users claim that after 2 years of use, the quality of their sleep or the mattress itself has in no way degraded. There are no signs of sagging or drooping and all of the fabrication, including seams and stitching is holding up well.

A company wouldn’t offer a 10 year warranty of a second rate product, would they?

The Disadvantages of a Casper Mattress

After waxing lyrical for so long, there are certain considerations before investing in a new mattress;

  • This mattress can’t be flipped due to its structure. Instead, Casper recommend that it is rotated every 6 weeks or so.
  • The mattress has been rated as medium soft, if you prefer a very firm mattress then you should probably continue your search.
  • Some buyers complain of a bad smell when the mattress is new. It won’t linger, isn’t harmful, and will dissipate in a well ventilated room.
  • It is heavy and will possibly need 2 people to handle the box.
  • It arrives vacuum packed and will need time to reshape.

Casper vs. Springs

If you’ve been sleeping on a sprung mattress then you will notice a huge difference, no more areas where the springs spread apart or worse still, where they pop up. In fact, springs can often cause pressure pain and not alleviate it.

 A spring mattress has one-firmness and support level and that has to suit everyone on the mattress; not so on a Casper mattress. The memory foam adapts to weight and body contours and adjusts accordingly. This gives each sleeper independence from the other and their own designated comfort and support level.

 A spring mattress will usually have a shorter life expectancy due to sagging issues when the coils show signs of wear and tear.

Delivery of a spring mattress is nowhere near as convenient and will rely on 2-people and a large van. They cannot be vacuum sealed and packed into boxes.

Memory foam mattresses are usually more expensive than spring ones.

And finally…

Casper were been awarded the Which? Best Buy award for 2019. They would have been put through many stringent tests and received honest reviews from around 5000 genuine customers.

It goes without saying that we are fans of the product after a very lengthy, and positive Casper Mattress Review -Are They any Good from our friends.

Undoubtedly, we shall be recommending Casper to all of our friends and family.

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