Is a Tempur Mattress Hot?

One of those “things” that seems to be circulating around everywhere is that memory foam mattresses are really hot to sleep in and cause overheating. We have used a Tempur mattress now for nearly 3 years, and one of those years was the blistering heat wave of 2018!Have we ever found it hotter than using … Read more

Best Mattress For Bad Back

Waking up at night in pain from a mattress

Choosing a mattress to help with a bad back often comes with a daunting amount of research to be done. If you do a quick Google search there are a tonne of bloggers and experts offering advice that can often conflict. Unless you have the time to spend hours in bed shops trying out different … Read more

Our Tempur Mattress Experience

Tempur Malmo Mattress Honest Review 3

You have probably seen and heard the hype about Tempur mattresses, they have become a household name and are the longstanding king of the memory foam mattress. A while ago, about 6 months, we decided that our basic cheap spring mattress was done with breaking our backs and opted to go shopping for a new … Read more