Best Sofa Beds UK 2023 For Spare Rooms/Bedrooms

Stylish Palmer Sofa Bed

Which is the best Sofa Bed for you? A sofa bed is a super useful thing to have, and whilst it may be not be used as your main sofa in the living room, a sofa bed its the perfect item for a study or spare room. That way you have a comfortable sofa to … Read more

Do beds and Mattresses Have a Weight Limit

You’re supposed to feel comfortable in bed and you shouldn’t have to worry about your new frame or mattress not being able to support your weight. But do beds or mattresses have a weight limit? What can you do if you exceed the recommended weight limit for a bed or mattress? And what types of … Read more

How to Stop a Divan Bed Base Squeaking

If you’ve ever had to sleep on a divan bed that squeaks, you’ll know how maddening it is. You lie there motionless, in case the noise happens again, and you can lose countless hours of sleep because of it. And it can be downright embarrassing if it happens during other (ahem) night-time activities… When the … Read more