How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With

Finding the perfect pillow is so important to your sleep wellness and can be even more difficult than choosing a bed. The purpose of a pillow is to raise your head slightly, so your neck and spine are aligned, keeping your airways open. So, how many pillows should you be sleeping with? One pillow is … Read more

How Long Does a Memory Foam Pillow Last

The next time you think about replacing your pillows, you might be tempted to go for a super- supportive memory foam pillow. But given the fact they can be more expensive than standard pillows, how long will a memory foam pillow last? The answer isn’t straightforward because it depends on various factors, not least of … Read more

Are Tempur Pillows Good For Neck Pain?

Speaking as someone who occasionally suffers from neck pain and who owns a Tempur pillow, I can honestly say yes; they are good for helping relieve neck pain. I occasionally have neck pain that travels into my upper back. So does my partner Niall in fact. It is most likely due to poor posture and … Read more

Tempur Comfort Pillow Original – Review

My own pillow is a Tempur Original Comfort pillow, I bought it almost three years ago and have used it every night since. So I am going to write an honest and thorough review for you. I am going to be straight with you. I absolutely LOVE my Tempur pillow. Now, believe me I am … Read more

Are Tempur Pillows Any Good?

Speaking as someone who has slept on a Tempur pillow for the last two years I can honestly say that they are brilliant. I would not go back to ordinary pillows, I love my Tempur pillow too much! Keep reading to find out exactly why.. A few years ago, my partner and I decided to … Read more