Do Tempur Mattresses Come Rolled Up?

Tempur mattresses do not come rolled up. They must be stored flat or you risk damaging the materials inside and losing the properties and benefits of the mattress. It would be near impossible to roll a Tempur mattress anyway as they are so heavy and dense with very high quality materials.

Unlike other, relatively new memory foam mattresses like Simba, Eve, Emma etc, which all arrive factory rolled up tight in a box ready for easy delivery and greater manoeuvrability.

Tempur mattresses, due to their advanced technology and unique materials must be stored flat.

Ideally in their original packaging.

They should not be bent or pressed out of their original shape as there is a high risk of the materials inside being damaged and as a result losing the special properties and benefits being lost.

tempur mattress with green trim

Why can’t Tempur mattresses be rolled up?

Tempur mattresses are temperature sensitive, made of a visco-elastic material with an open cell structure that moulds to the body.

As Tempur mattresses are extremely heavy and dense, rolling the mattress or even folding or bending could compress crush or damage this open cell structure – ruining the benefits of the mattress.

How do I move my mattress when moving house if I can’t fold it?

Ideally, if you are moving house, and you own a Tempur mattress – using a removal company will mean that your mattress can be transported correctly and safely.

A professional delivery company will have the vehicle space and protective materials to transport your mattress flat (how it should be moved).

It might be worth mentioning to the removal team this important bit of information, as they may be used to moving sprung mattresses, which they transport standing on their side.

However if you are transporting the mattress yourself in a hired van – this poses a few more challenges as you are unlikely to have the ability to transport it completely flat.

When we moved house a couple of years ago without a removal company we had to transport our Tempur mattress ourselves which was extremely difficult!

It is very heavy and just sags when you try to carry it like a dead weight.

Trying to get a hold of it is very awkward too as there are no handles and you don’t want to risk damaging or ripping the material!

(A spring mattress is much easier as it holds its shape.)

We did not have the original packaging to transport the mattress in, so improvised by temporarily wrapping it in shrink wrap – which was not ideal by any standards.

But preferable to getting the mattress ruined and and dirty in a rental van!

When transporting our mattresses in the van, we did out absolute best to try to put the mattress flat, however we could not fully facilitate this and ended up having the mattress lying down but on a slant, trying to keep it supported as much as possible.

We haven’t ever noticed any problems from transporting our mattress in less than perfect conditions.

But if you possibly can, follow the advice from Tempur themselves and transport your mattress flat, and definitely not bent or rolled!