Which Type Of Mattress is Best Firm or Soft?

Firm Vs. Soft Mattress 

So, which type of mattress is best?
When blindly shopping for a new mattress we initially thought we would need a firm mattress, to help fix the back ache we had from the old mattress.
You have probably heard the classic ‘a firm mattress is good for a bad back’ advice that everyone seems to say but no one seems to prove…?

Bensons for Beds Experience

Well, after trying dozens of firm mattresses and feeling no real difference to our old mattress we sought some help.
We were whisked towards a huge contraption in Bensons for Beds and were told to lie on the bed in the way that we would usually sleep.

Directly in front of us was a screen with all of our pressure points showing, (where had the most pressure and the least).
This robotic demo mattress was a fantastic adjustable machine that at the touch of a button could change the firmness of the mattress to replicate any level of firmness.

The robot mattress was first set to ‘firm’ (our choice) and what was happening on screen?
A HUGE red area of pressure around the hips and lower back area..

We gradually were given a softer and softer mattress feeling until we got to a “level 2” firmness, (the scale goes from 1 being the softest to 5 being the firmest.)

By the time we reached 2 on the scale, the pressure points had disappeared and we felt like we were lying on a cloud.
You know that feeling of being weightless like in a swimming pool?

It was explained to us that so many people think they need a firm mattress, and are consistently being underwhelmed by their mattresses.
When in fact, a lot of people actually would be better off with a far softer mattress, one that gives support in a different way.

Light bulb Moment!

We then tried a few beds out that were level 2 firmness (our newly discovered level of softness) and were completely blown away.
Previously we had thought that a level 2 mattress would be like a big sack of squishiness offering no support.

However, we were wrong.

By opting for a mattress that offers a soft and supportive structure, the mattress can contour to your body and offer support in a totally different way.
You could feel the difference instantly, there wasn’t the sharp stabbing pain on any pressure point areas when lying on back, side or front.

Genius discovery.

We tested out spring mattresses, pocket springs, hybrid spring and gel / memory foam and pure memory foam mattresses.
After the feeling of lying on our first pure memory foam mattress, it was hard to even consider anything else.

The feeling of weightlessness on a memory foam  mattress is incredible and because your movements are absorbed into the supportive foam, the person in bed with you doesn’t feel them.
You can literally turn over completely and the other person in bed wouldn’t feel a thing.

(Obviously if you’re in a standard double, you might literally be touching each other depending on sleeping position so you may feel them turn over in this case.)

We are memory foam mattress converts now and can’t see ourselves wanting to go back to springs any time soon.

Points to take away

  • Our advice to you is to consider the comfort level of the mattress – you might not be looking for the right type of mattress for your body.
  • Try out lots of different types, even if you think they may not suit you.
  • Do consider a memory foam mattress, they will change the way you think about mattresses.