How to Stop a Divan Bed Base Squeaking

If you’ve ever had to sleep on a divan bed that squeaks, you’ll know how maddening it is. You lie there motionless, in case the noise happens again, and you can lose countless hours of sleep because of it.

And it can be downright embarrassing if it happens during other (ahem) night-time activities…

When the squeaky bed is at a hotel, you can just add it to your list of places never to visit again. If it’s a guest bed at a friend’s house, it’s easy to mention it in passing and hope they fix it for next time.

But when it’s your own bed, it’s time to take action! Squeaks are caused by either friction or movement in various parts of the bed, so you need to rule out each possibility, one by one.

Check how the divan base is linked

A divan base is made up of two sections linked together, but the method of fixing them varies from one manufacturer to another.

For example, top-of-the-range divans like Tempur have a metal linking bar at the top and bottom ends of the base that are fixed with bolts. Mid-range and cheaper divans tend to have plastic linking devices instead.

Whichever fixing method has been used, the bolts, screws or linking devices can loosen over time. Nine times out of ten, this is the cause of the squeak but it’s a simple job to tighten them up again.

Tighten up the bolts or linking devices

Check the instructions that were supplied when you bought the bed, which hopefully you kept! If not, most companies have assembly instructions online.

This is a two-person job because you’ll need to turn the bed over or tilt it on one side to examine it. Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten the links between the two sections so they can’t move.

If there’s a metal linking bar, you could also try lubricating the joints with WD40 to reduce friction. While you’re looking at the underside of the bed, check that the casters on the bottom of the base are fixed correctly. 

Examine the headboard

If tightening up the bolts, screws or linking devices doesn’t help, check that it isn’t the headboard causing the squeaks.

The headboard needs to be properly mounted and tightly fixed so that it cannot move back and forth.

Test the mattress itself

If it’s actually the sound of the springs in your mattress you can hear as you move, your bed is simply past its best. Now’s the time to replace it!

Say goodbye to the restless nights you’ve been having and hello to blissful sleeping from now on.

So, how do you stop a divan base from creaking?

Tighten up the metal bars or linking devices that hold the two parts of the bed together. Also, check that the casters are properly fixed and make sure the headboard isn’t moving about.

Consider buying a higher spec divan with more solid linking devices. And if your mattress is the culprit, replace the bed straight away.