Is a Tempur Mattress Hot?

One of those “things” that seems to be circulating around everywhere is that memory foam mattresses are really hot to sleep in and cause overheating.

We have used a Tempur mattress now for nearly 3 years, and one of those years was the blistering heat wave of 2018!
Have we ever found it hotter than using a regular mattress? Absolutely no.

Why do memory foam mattresses make you hotter?

Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of your body and create a “cloud like” cling around you. The fact that the mattress is completely pressed against most of you whether you sleep on your back, front or side can limit or completely stop the amount of air that passes between you and the mattress.
This is what can cause you to get hotter at night.

Imagine you are lying in bed on a memory foam mattress. Beneath you you have a sheet, on top of you you have a thick duvet with a duvet cover on. You are completely covered up.
How are you going to stay cool and not overheat or sweat?
You wont!
The memory foam will create almost a second duvet experience beneath you as well as on top.

How do you cool down on a memory foam mattress?

Your sheets and duvet cover should be made of a nice breathable cotton. Avoid using any polyester duvets or sheets as they will make the problem a lot worse!

If you are a naturally hot, sweaty sleeper then you should always have a lighter tog duvet and nice breathable sheets.

100% Wool Mattress Topper – Helps overheating

One of the best ways to cool down if you are a hot sleeper, is to use a 100% wool mattress topper. This will help prevent heat retention from the mattress side of your sleeping position.
This coupled with 100% cotton sheets and a non-polyester duvet should solve the problem.

Before blaming the memory foam mattress, look at how else you can solve the issue!

Is a Tempur Mattress hot?

The material inside a Tempur mattress is incredibly high quality, hence why they can be a little more expensive than other brands.

We have personally seen ZERO difference between using a normal sprung mattress and our memory foam Tempur mattress. But we both don’t really overheat much.

You may find a Tempur mattress hot if you are prone to overheating in your sleep. But you will find that with any memory foam mattress.
If you really want a Tempur mattress or another memory foam mattress, it is advisable to ensure you are taking all the proper steps to eliminate your overheating as mentioned above.

  • Are you using a light tog duvet?
  • Is your duvet made of polyester or other synthetic materials? This could make things just as worse for your sleep than a memory foam mattress.
  • Are your sheets 100% cotton?
  • Have you tried using a 100% Wool mattress topper?

If you take all the above steps, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the comfort and wonderful feeling that comes with sleeping on a Tempur mattress even if you are prone to overheating.