Our Tempur Mattress Experience

You have probably seen and heard the hype about Tempur mattresses, they have become a household name and are the longstanding king of the memory foam mattress.

A while ago, about 6 months, we decided that our basic cheap spring mattress was done with breaking our backs and opted to go shopping for a new mattress.

What mattress did we decide on?

A Tempur mattress.

Tempur Malmo Mattress Honest Review


Yes, they are expensive.

But are they worth it?

We 100% believe so, but don’t just take our word for it.

This is our honest review of our Tempur mattress experience.

Tempur Malmo Mattress Honest Review 2

Look and features

The Tempur mattress is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, it is made with such detail and perfection.

The feel of the fabric mattress top layer is SO soft. When we first got it, we literally couldn’t stop stroking it!

There is a zip that runs around the circumference of the mattress, this makes it super easy to quickly get the cover off to wash it – something your can’t do with traditional mattresses.

The temper is a good thickness, about 25cm, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but its pretty industry standard.


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Comfort Level

The Tempur mattress is undoubtedly the most comfortable mattress we have experienced in the world, ever.

Thats why we wanted it so badly.

The bed envelops your body and gives support where you need it.

If you’re lying on your side, your hip and shoulder bones sink into the mattress enough to let your body and spine remain in alignment.

When sleeping on your back, your pelvis area sinks low enough into the mattress to take the pressure off of your lower back.


Is it too hot?

We were worried that this would be a problem after hearing quite a few people saying that their Tempur mattress made them over heat at night.
Thankfully, this has never been a problem for us. We sleep with a heavy weight duvet on throughout the winter and a lighter summer duvet for the few hot days a year that we get in the UK.

We haven’t ever woken up in a sweat in the night or been unable to get to sleep due to being too hot.

Maybe its just us, maybe its just some people are prone to being very hot in bed.

We can safely report that overheating has not been an issue at all, even on really hot days.


Tempur Malmo Mattress Honest Review 3

Is it like quicksand?

This was how I though memory foam mattresses would feel, I imaged it to be like a water bed!
I didn’t think the Tempur would be any different until we actually tried one.

We get why people say it is like quicksand, when you lie on the bed, you are essentially a mould that the bed conforms to.

However, even with a firmness level of 2 which is one away from the lowest, Tempur mattresses still give the right amount of support, the layer of foam pushes against the underside of your body to keep you still and perfectly balanced.

If the mattress truly was like quicksand, you would never stop sinking into it and it would become very uncomfortable very quickly.

Once you are in a comfortable position on the mattress, the foam works to keep you suspended in that position for as long as you remain there.

Yes, there is some sinkage when you lie or sit on the mattress, but this is so the mattress can conform to your body properly.



  • Super comfortable
  • The Tempur always returns to its original height and shape after sitting or lying on it, even for long periods of time.
  • Gives the perfect amount of support, even when sleeping in different positions.
  • Its so quiet, when you turn over, no creaks!
  • It is not hot or prone to making you sweat in the night, (not for us anyway) – we had read that getting too hot on the Tempur had been a problem for some people. However we are pleased to say this has never been an issue for us.
  • In fact, the surface fabric is excellent at distributing heat, the mattress feels comfortable to the touch – it regulates heat exceptionally well, helping you to not overheat or get too cold.



  • It is very expensive
  • You need to use it with a divan style base for the support it. You can, but shouldn’t use the Tempur mattress with a slat based bed.
  • It is extremely heavy, you need two very strong people to get it upstairs.
  • There are no handles, this is most likely due to the nature of the soft mattress though, if it had handles, it could be handled in a way that might damage the foam.


Bed bases for Tempur Mattresses

We had a wooden slat wooden framed bed from our previous sprung mattress.
At first, we tried using the Tempur with the slat base, (it is recommended not to) just until we could order a divan base.

The underside of the Tempur is quite soft and needs to sit on something smooth and flat.

Putting the Tempur mattress on a wooden slat base was an okay temporary measure but not suitable for long term use  think of sausage meat going through holes!


Is a Tempur mattress worth the money?

Overall, we would say that it is worth the money.
People spend almost a third of their lives on average sleeping in a bed.
When you consider that fact, it kind of outweighs the cost a little to get something that is going to support your body in the best way and hopefully prevent aches and pains later in life.


If a Tempur mattress was outside of the budget, we would seriously consider a Casper, Eve or Simba mattress.
They are relatively new to the mattress market and rapidly growing in popularity.
Slightly different from Tempur mattresses, in that the are delivered compressed and rolled up in a box.
The composition of these mattresses is different from Tempur but they still claim to deliver all of the comfort and support of a premium mattress.

We would seriously consider buying one these mattresses, as they all offer a free return period for you to try out the mattress before deciding to keep it.
But with regards to our Tempur mattress, after sleeping so comfortably for months now and the mattress still being in absolutely perfect condition, we would be happy to recommend a Tempur mattress to anyone.

Our lives have literally been changed for the better by the mattress we sleep on, and for that, the price is absolutely worth it.

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