Casper Mattress Review (UK) – Are they any good?

The opportunity to sleep in a different bed is an exciting prospect for us as we have a vested interest in ‘all things mattress’. The occasional night away in a hotel always begins with stripping off bedclothes to find the manufacturers details, and it usually ends with us reviewing the quality of our night’s sleep … Read more

Do Mattress Toppers Work?

The best mattress toppers on the market have been designed to improve and enhance your existing mattress. As the name would suggest, they are pads that sit on top of a mattress that replicate the feeling of a new, more comfortable bed. They are available in several styles, each with comfort and support in mind. … Read more

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Smell?

So, you have done copious amounts of research and finally, very nearly, decided to invest in a memory foam mattress. There is just one tiny obstacle. A few of the reviews that you have read suggest that memory mattresses give off an odour when they’re new. A horrible smell that impedes perfect sleep, the very … Read more

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Creatures living in your bed are usually the last thought on your mind when you settle beneath the duvet for a good night’s sleep. We have all heard of them and think that they’re either a myth or that they live in someone else’s bed, not our own nice, clean one. Bed bugs aren’t particular … Read more

SnuzSurface Cot Bed Mattress Review

Snuzsurface Mattress in the cotbed.

We both became proud parents to a baby girl in December! So on our agenda last year was a visit to the Baby Show. Whilst at the baby show, we discovered the launch of the Snuzsurface cot bed mattress. We got to have a really good look at one up close. Niall and I were … Read more

Can a Mattress be Recycled?

Did you know that in the UK we dispose of almost 8 million mattresses each year? How many of those do you think are actually recycled? A measly 13%. Most of the rest go to landfill, and considering the size of a mattress, this is hardly sustainable. These are shocking statistics when you realise that … Read more

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sag?

Tempur Malmo Mattress Honest Review 3

If you’re considering the idea of investing in a memory foam mattress after seeing and ready all the hype surrounding them, you may be wondering will it start to sag because it doesn’t have springs? Memory foam mattresses are specifically designed not to sag. Their unique internal structure self expands when the weight is taken … Read more