Tempur Comfort Pillow Original – Review

My own pillow is a Tempur Original Comfort pillow, I bought it almost three years ago and have used it every night since.

So I am going to write an honest and thorough review for you.

I am going to be straight with you. I absolutely LOVE my Tempur pillow.

Now, believe me I am not a pillow snob.

Before the Tempur purchase, I used to regularly buy typical supermarket stocked pillows.

Silent night or something similar, 2 for £10 – nothing fancy.
I was always battling with one pillow, then two, back to one, then none.

I never really felt properly supported or comfortable using a cheap pillow.

Once, I tried duck feather pillows, spending a bit more money – that was a huge mistake!!

So what made me spend more than 10 times the money that I usually would on a pillow? Read on to find out in this honest Tempur Original pillow review.

When we bought our Tempur mattress to try to solve, or at least help to minimise my back and hip problem.

When talking about the Tempur mattress to the sales assistant, she started talking about the importance of pillows.

I initially had reservations and thought, ‘I really don’t need an expensive pillow, just because I’m buying an expensive mattress…’

However, after trying out a series of pillows, and being reassured by the trial period guarantee with Tempur pillows, we decided to try them out, one each.

I chose the Tempur Comfort Original and Niall chose the Comfort Cloud pillow.

We have never looked back.

Weight of the pillow

From the moment you hold the pillow you will be shocked at the unbelievable weight of it!

The Tempur Original pillow and the cloud pillow are both very heavy.

This is a great thing, as the pillow does not move when its on the bed!

When you’re in bed, no matter how much you toss and turn and fidget, your pillow will stay put.

I love this – I used to get really frustrated with how my normal fibre pillows slip and slide around when I moved in bed – especially when using two pillows!

Ease of Use

Using a Tempur pillow means you only need one pillow.

So there is only one case to wash.

The pillow has a removable zipped outer layer, this is washable to keep the pillow fresher and look new for longer.

You don’t need to fluff up the pillow, the memory foam just bounces right back to its original shape after every use.

It does hold its shape very well.

You can squidgy it a little bit every now and again just to freshen up the distribution of the memory foam.

But you certainly do not to do this every night.


Tempur Original pillow is very comfortable and supportive.
It takes any weight or strain out of your neck supporting you head perfectly at the right height so as not to get a stiff neck.

I sleep either on my side or back and occasionally have been known to wake up with my face in the pillow.

All of which I find to be equally comfortable positions lying on the Tempur pillow.

The Original pillow I use is quite firm, offering quite a lot of resistance to the weight of your head.

It is supposed to be their ‘medium’ firmness pillow but I would say it is quite a firm feel.

This means your head is allowed to sink into the pillow to the perfect height, but no further.

The resistance holds your head in line with your spine.

The top layer of the pillow does feel a little softer on your face.

This is nice and cushioning for your face and allows bits like your ears, difficult piercings and noses to have a lovely soft squishy contact with the pillow.


There is no denying it – Tempur pillows are not cheap.

They are priced somewhere between £80 and £120, depending on which on you choose.

But something I have come to realise is that some things in life, you really do get what you pay for.

And a pillow is one of those things.

There is little to no point in going from a £5 pillow to a £20 pillow – the difference, whilst noticeable at first, is probably going to be minimal.

By trusting in a brand like Tempur (who spend thousands of pounds on testing materials and technology).

You can be happy in knowing that you have bought a premium pillow that is going to earn its worthiness of the price tag over the years of use you have out of it.

I have used my Original pillow every night for nearly three years and it still feels and looks as good as when I first bought it.

I genuinely have never had that happen with a pillow before, I think the longest I’ve ever used one before is around 6 months.

Is it a hot pillow?

Not at all, from what I have found.

Whether in Summer or Winter, I have never felt like my face was burning, glowing or sweating in the way that it can do when sleeping on a fibre polyester kind of pillow.

I think the outer fabric of the pillow helps with this, helping to regulate the temperature and airflow.

Also, after nearly three years, there isn’t even the first sign of mould underneath the pillow.

(Which would be a good indication that the pillow in making my heat hot and sweaty, leading to moisture getting into the pillow.)

Are there any downsides to the Tempur Original pillow?

I have been very happy with my Tempur Original Pillow.

So I genuinely struggle to think of any downsides. Instead I will say who I think would not be suited to this pillow…

I think if you were someone with weak wrists, or perhaps an elderly person.

You may struggle a little to lift and manoeuvre the pillow into an outer pillow case.

(The one that matches your bed sheets.)

I think if you are someone who is a very hot sleeper.

I’m talking full body sweating every night.

You may want to think about if you would be happy using the same pillow for a number or years if it has been drenched in sweat repeatedly.

This problem could be solved by taking a little time just to put an extra couple of outer cotton pillow cases onto your pillow, that you can regularly wash. Without damaging the pillow.

If you want a very soft squishy pillow – don’t buy the Original Tempur pillow.

Because although this pillow is very soft and supportive, I feel it leans towards the firm feeling side.

Instead you might like to consider the ‘Cloud’ Comfort pillow. Which is the softer of the Tempur pillows.

If you want a very firm pillow with a lot of dense support.

You would be best suited to the ‘Traditional’ Tempur pillow – this is made to have a firm feel and the is the firmest of the three Comfort pillows.

If you like to fold your pillow up to cradle the underneath your chin / face by putting your hand underneath the pillow.

This is quite difficult with a Tempur pillow, I used to tuck my hand underneath the pillow when sleeping, but I don’t do this with the Tempur pillow as it feels a bit uncomfortable on your hand because of the weight and lack of bounce.

If you want a springy bouncy pillow, don’t get a Tempur pillow, or any memory foam pillow.

Memory foam pillow absorb all shock and weight, so if you like a pillow to have a bouncy spongey feel, a memory foam one is not for you.


All in all, I think that the Tempur Original Comfort pillow is an excellent product.

I feel that when you buy a premium product (one that replaces an item more than ten times cheaper) like a pillow, you are extra critical and look for any flaws in it..

(I do anyway)

Having looked for flaws or negatives to try to talk myself out of buying an £80 pillow. I can genuinely say that I am totally happy and would defiantly by another one when this one wears out or gets too old.

In fact, we were so happy with the life and sleep changing effects of our Tempur pillows that we actually bought Niall’s Mum a Tempur Original pillow for her birthday too! To try to help her alleviate some of her problems with stiff joints.

I really hope you found this Tempur pillow review helpful.

Thank you for reading.

If you do choose to try out or buy a Tempur pillow I hope that you will years of enjoyment and comfort out of it like I have.

I’m confident that you will.