What is a mattress topper used for?

Sleep discomfort is an issue that plagues more than 16 Million British people and 40 million Americans every night. Waking us from our slumber and driving us out of bed, sleep discomfort is a major problem that will negatively impact our following day.

Have you ever just wanted to take your mattress and throw it out of your bedroom window? But the cost of replacing it is just too much? A really good mattresses can cost you over £1000.

Mattress topper simply loops over an existing mattress.

Many people don’t know what a Mattress Topper is or what it is used for, what it can do is provide an inexpensive way of sorting out your sleep issues on your existing mattress.

It is designed to sit on top of your existing mattress beneath the fitted sheet. The topper offers the sleeper a layer of softness to help improve overall sleep comfort.

One kind of mattress topper suits sleepers who are cold for most of the night, this is an electric heated mattress topper like this one available on Amazon.
Constructed of heavy fabric, this type of pad offers the sleeper a soft barrier between themselves and the mattress while incorporating heating elements throughout its design. All one needs to do is place the pad between the fitted sheet and mattress, plug it in, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The second, more comfortable solution is a mattress pad constructed of memory foam or wool.
Memory foam mattress pads have been around for a while and are a staple for hospitals, hotels and recovery institutes. Memory foam is a viscoelastic material. Viscoelastic materials will show both elasticity and viscosity; meaning that they resist stress and return to their original shape once the stress is removed.
This adaptation is of the utmost importance to the lifespan of your chosen mattress pad. While a worn- out mattress can benefit significantly from a memory foam mattress pad, a mattress pad that wears out quickly would be a waste of money. Therefore, proper materials and construction are the keys for every good memory foam pad.

A high quality mattress topper.

In addition to it’s viscoelastic properties, a memory foam mattress topper is designed with a very contoured profile to help prevent overheating by stimulating airflow while still providing warmth to the user. The insulating properties of other foams make them prohibitive in mattress topper construction because these materials tend to retain too much heat.

A memory foam mattress pad reacts to both temperature and pressure and it is designed to give the user that weightless feeling when laid upon. This feeling of weightlessness is what will help provide the ultimate night’s sleep for the user. Imagine spending your nights feeling as though you are sleeping on a cloud; that is the idea behind the memory foam topper.

Memory foam mattress toppers also vary in thickness. If your mattress is relatively new but it could use a bit of a boost, adding a mattress topper about 2 inches in width would be an ideal solution. However, if you have an older or more firm mattress, you should consider a mattress pad between 3 and 4 inches in width. It is important to have an idea of your discomfort level and causes so that you can choose the appropriate thickness to provide maximum comfort.

Also, it is important to note that mattress toppers come in a wide variety of prices ranging from £20 to over £200. Remember you sometimes get what you pay for!

Here is a summary:

Different Mattress Topper Types

  • Heated – Like an electric blanket topper – Ideal for those who are very cold at night.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam mattresses give you a much better night sleep as they turn your existing mattress as close to being a memory foam mattress as possible (without having to buy one) – Ideal for those who have aches or pains or a bad back from sleeping – a sign that you are falling victim to pressure points from your hard sprung mattress.
  • Wool – Better for regulating heat. If you are a hot sleeper, this is ideal as it will help maintain a level of coolness compared with a regular spring mattress or memory foam mattress. You can add this to your existing spring or memory foam mattress.

Don’t give up on your current mattress just yet! Offer it some help and support with a good mattress topper.

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