What type of Mattress is best for Pregnancy?

Oh, the memories I have of desperately trying anything to get a good night’s sleep when I was pregnant!

My bed was particularly high so the acrobatic leap I had to do just to get into it proved a virtual impossibility, with a watermelon sized bump on my stomach!

Then there was the constant fidgeting to find a comfortable position, bed clothes off when it was too hot, back on again when I was freezing and don’t forget the countless trips to the loo as baby was sleeping on my bladder! The process of getting in and out of my soft squishy bed was a nightmare.

There has to be a better way for you newly pregnant ladies to get a decent night’s sleep. A purpose-designed mattress must be a good starting point, surely?

Doctors recommend that side sleeping is the best position when pregnant.

A memory foam or latex mattress will be ideal, even a combination of both can offer the ideal amount of stability and comfort.

Certain mattress designs offer cool surface foam technology, perfect for keeping your temperature down when you are unbearably hot.

Consider purchasing a mattress that has motion isolation and weight distribution features, perfect for pregnancy and after childbirth, when you might be nursing your baby in bed.

Orthopaedic mattresses can also offer some comfort from the unfortunate backache and leg pain that sometimes go hand in hand with pregnancy.

Sleep is more important than ever when you are pregnant, the changes that your body is going through can have big repercussions on your sleep cycle. Or perhaps it’s the heartburn, nausea or even your newly developed snoring habit that disturb you.

Whatever your symptoms I hope I can help alleviate a few with the advice below.

Memory foam

A memory foam mattress would be my first choice if I were expecting again. The technology alleviates pressure points and conforms to your ever-changing body shape.

Due to the viscoelastic nature of memory foam, viscosity plus elasticity, the mattress was designed to resist stress, and here is the magic part, once the stress has been removed, it will return to its normal shape! Therefore, you need have no qualms about having to sleep in a pregnant bump size dip once your baby has been born!

It also means that your partner will sleep in their body recess and you will sleep in yours, his tossing and turning won’t affect you and your constant trips to the bathroom won’t have any effect on his side of the bed either! Motion transfer technology!

Though the posture support that the memory foam gives during pregnancy is perfect, if you’re a particularly hot sleeper, because the mattress is so dense, it retains heat. As the mattress cradles you, it can be difficult to cool down.

Using a lower tog duvet and 100% cotton bed linen should help alleviate this problem, or if you really want a memory foam mattress then consider buying a relatively inexpensive cooling pad too.

The excellent support that the memory foam offers can have a remarkable effect on the awful back pain that is synonymous with pregnancy, as your baby grows your centre of gravity naturally shifts forward, you try to correct by arching backwards. Your muscles contort throughout the night to try to repair the damage of the day, and that contracting feeling is what keeps you awake.

Your mattress should help keep your spine perfectly aligned so that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Don’t most pregnant women seem to invariably have a hand in the small of their back? 

Can I use a topper?

Are you on a tight budget? Instead of replacing the whole mattress, you could consider buying a memory foam topper. For a fraction of the price, you could achieve a very similar outcome.

Toppers come in a variety of thicknesses, of your bed is very hard and firm, invest in a thicker topper, maybe 4 inches, if your mattress just needs a little help then a 2 inch topper would be ideal.

You should still get the sensation of sleeping on a cloud!

Latex mattress

The first noticeable difference that the latex mattress has from the memory foam one is its ‘bouncability’. Latex doesn’t mould your body and hug you, it settles around your body shape and leaves a general impression.

The mattress offers superb support the spine and is perfect for side sleepers as it offers protection to hip and shoulder joints too.

As the latex mattress is made of a comfort layering system, it can be firm; this should make it easier to get in and out of, repeatedly! Once you return to bed, the quick response time means that the latex has returned to its natural shape, ready for you to get comfortable in a completely new position.

As you might expect, the more layers, the higher the price but with the expense comes longevity.

You will notice that the mattress has a series of ‘holes’ punched through it, this allows the free flow of air which in turns means a cooler night’s sleep.

I would seriously consider choosing latex over memory foam if my biggest problem sleeping was overheating. Once your baby is born, it is quite simple to put an extra blanket on the bed in the unlikely event that you feel cool.

Both memory foam and latex mattresses can be very expensive indeed, so I considered other options for those of us on a more restricted budget.

Pocket sprung and spring mattresses

The pocket sprung mattress is the bigger, better brother of the traditional standard spring mattress. The individual springs work independently of each other, which reduce the risk of pressure point build up and offer a well-supported, comfortable night’s sleep.

The numbers of springs inside each mattress don’t determine the firmness or comfort rating of the bed, instead it’s the quality of the springs.

Pocket sprung mattresses don’t conform to body shape like either the latex or memory foam, this might be advantageous to you, it will definitely be cooler but won’t give your spine as much support.

To top it off

If committing to a new mattress seems too much at the moment, then a mattress topper is the perfect solution for you.

You can use them on any existing mattress; you can buy them with cooling technology, a soft one because your existing mattress is just too hard during pregnancy or just because you want to try the memory foam experience without the expense.

Their contoured profile allows the air to flow freely whilst snuggling you like a baby!

Just remember to consider your comfort for now, you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep and after the baby is born.

Consider it a long-term investment.


Just kidding!!

Finally, when choosing your mattress, consider a medium to firm tension. Thick enough so that you don’t sink in the middle! What a sight that would be!

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